Donald Quotes

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They are

And there is always a story behind a ringtone.
Or some controversy.
Or even a political punchline

Meet Donald J Trump

H 1

Republican presidential candidate of 2016 and his unique style of saying things.


Is he controversial? YES
Is he nasty? MAYBE
Is he racist? PROBABLY
Is he a pottymouth? SOMETIMES
Is he crazy? We do not want to be sued:-)

Anyway, the following are special ringtones we collect on a daily basis and we call them Trump Blurbs as we do not want to plagarise


Ivanka Trump (his daughter) who call them Trumpisms.

Check out some of the Trump Blurts below and order them now. They are only 99 cents each and part of th proceeds go to the

A-Good-Day-to-Remember-Veterans-CST-Logo-4x4Disabled Veterans of America.


Check out the gallery below and click on a given picture. That would take you to the page designated for that item, You will be able to download the associated blurb by making a very small donation.  By clicking the Buy Now button below you will be taken to a listing page where several blurbs are displayed at a time where you can make multiple selections at the same time. There are quantity discounts available so the more you select, the more you save. Enjoy looking around and do not forget. Part of the proceeds goes to charity.

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