Trump holds a press conference in India

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President Trump delivers remarks at a press conference during his first presidential trip to India. This takes place a day after Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a massive rally.

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a press conference held in New Delhi, India on February 25, 2020. He begins by saying that they have a lot of things going in terms of the product being purchased by India. He states that they are all set for $3 billion worth of helicopters – the Apaches and various other types – in addition to other equipment.

Trump says that last year was the first year in 51 years where prescription drug prices went down. Next, a reporter says that the intelligence community believes that Russia is trying to meddle in the 2020 election. He asks that whether Trump agrees with their assessment. Trump says that Intelligence never told him. Another reporter from India News asked about the Afghanistan deal and what would be India’s role and Pakistan’s role in the region. Donald Trump says that he thinks India would like to see it happen.

A reporter asks Trump about his roadmap to fight out Islamic radical terrorism. Trump says that they killed al-Baghdadi a few months ago. He says that they have taken their soldiers essentially out of Syria, except for little hotspots. The reporter asks Trump about terror groups in Pakistan. Trump says that they also have other countries that can do this. He says that the United States is 8,000 miles away. Another reporter asks Donald Trump what Prime Minister Modi said to him about this amended citizenship law. Trump says that they did talk about religious freedom. He adds that the Prime Minister was incredible on what he told me.

A reporter from TV Five Network asks Trump how he defines, differentiates, and deals with the law of theirs for Indians in India and India’s law for H-1B visa in America. President Trump says that they are talking about the H-1Bs. Another reporter asks Trump about his strategy about terrorism that is coming out from Pakistan to India. Donald Trump says that he has a very good relationship with Prime Minister Khan. A reporter asks Trump on Russian interference if he can pledge to the American people that he will not accept any foreign assistance in the upcoming election. Trump retorts that he wants no help from any country.

On being asked about the trade deal with India, Trump says that they are working on it. He adds that the United States has to be treated fairly and India understands that. A reporter asks Trump about his policy towards Venezuela and if there could be more stringent sanctions against Venezuela. Trump says that there could be very serious sanctions. Another reporter asks Trump that people were hoping that he would raise concerns about some policies that Prime Minister Modi has introduced that discriminates against Muslims and also about a rise in hate crimes here in India. Trump says that they discussed that and specifically Muslims and Christians.

The reporter adds that Trump himself has been criticized for policies that have discriminated against Muslims, like the travel ban. Donald Trump says that he won the travel ban. He adds that they use the travel band where they think there’s going to be trouble, not based on religion. He remarks that the travel ban is not a thing against Muslims. He ends his remarks by saying that it has been an honor to be here.

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