President Trump Delivers the Commencement Address at Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony.

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Las Vegas, NV

This video is about President Trump’s remarks at Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 2, 2020. Jon Ponder says that when they started out, the mission of their organization, they look at the change in the face of reentry when people come out of prisons.He says that they help men and women return back to the community and get sustainable full-time employment. He adds that getting them back to work is adding fuel to the economic engine of their community. He exclaims that that’s why they should give it that support.

Next, Trump begins by stating that Jon has been doing this for 11 years. He says that two years ago, he was honored to celebrate their story of faith and transformation as they were with him in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Donald Trump says that they want to have a great and fair court system. He adds that they have to straighten it out also at the top level. He remarks that the FBI is phenomenal. Trump says that for decades, no one was more forgotten than citizens coming out of prison who were ready to go into a brand-new, beautiful start but couldn’t find a job. He states that he and his administration with a lot of very talented people created the strongest economy in the history of their country. He adds that they have the best unemployment numbers for African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans.

Trump says that since he came into office, leaders from all different backgrounds asked him to make changes to their criminal justice system. He adds that they are having tremendous success with it. Trump remarks that to redress unfairness in the justice system, just over one year ago, he led the effort to pass the criminal justice reform. He states that his recent budget provides over $400 million to expand vocational training. He remarks that wages are going up, first time in 21 years.

President Trump says that they are really proud to be joined by more than 80 men and women of law enforcement. He states that they have an administration that backs them, where they give them the equipment that they need. Trump mentions that Hope for Prisoners has pioneered a mentorship program with law enforcement, which has given strength and support to former inmates. He remarks that they have phenomenal trade deals such as a massive deal with China, the USMCA, a $40 billion deal with Japan, with South Korea, and many others.

Donald Trump says that they began a nationwide campaign to encourage businesses to expand Second Chance hiring. He states that since his election, they have created 7 million new jobs. He says that the unemployment rate has reached the lowest rate in over 51 years. Trump remarks that this is the country where anyone can make a comeback. He closes his remarks by saying “We will make our country stronger than ever before.”

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