President Trump Delivers Remarks at the North Carolina Opportunity Now Summit

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Charlotte, NC

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at the North Carolina Opportunity Now Summit in Charlotte, NC on February 7, 2020. He begins his speech by saying that together, they are making their country stronger than ever before. He exclaims that this morning, they smashed expectations and created 225,000 new jobs last month. He says that unemployment claims in North Carolina are down 30 percent since the election and have fallen to their lowest level ever recorded.

Donald Trump says that today, they are launching a brand-new nationwide campaign to revitalize undeserved cities and towns all across America, which is called ‘Opportunity Now’. Trump says that he just spoke to President Xi last night, and they are working on the virus. He remarks that they are helping wherever they can and they have a great relationship. He adds that they have the best relationship they have had with China. He informs that they signed the deal.

President Trump says that they signed the USMCA deal with Mexico and Canada. He adds that they even signed a deal with Japan, where $40 billion coming in. He says that they signed a deal with South Korea. Trump says that they have spent almost $8 trillion now in the Middle East. He says that since his election, America has gained 7 million brand-new jobs, including 220,000 brand-new jobs in a place called North Carolina. He adds that new business applications in North Carolina have surged by 30 percent. Trump says that African American workers have gained 1.3 million jobs.

Trump says that African American unemployment, Hispanic American unemployment, and Asian American unemployment have all reached the lowest levels in the history of their country. He adds that African American youth unemployment has reached its lowest level ever recorded. Trump states that wages for African American workers have increased by $2,400 per year. He says that since his election, the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners has increased by 47 percent.

Donald Trump says that median household income reached the highest level ever recorded. He says that to lift up undeserved communities across the nation, their tax cuts created nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones. He adds that long-term investment in these communities is now taxed at zero. Trump informs that to further support Opportunity Zones, he established the White House Opportunity and the Revitalization Council, chaired by Secretary Carson.

President Trump says that the first time in 51 years, where drug prices and prescription drugs went down. He remarks that they are fighting for school choice and criminal justice reform. He says that they got criminal justice reform done. He exclaims that their commitment to Opportunity Now includes those who have been released from prison. He recalls that to give former prisoners the chance for a fresh start, last year he was proud to sign the landmark Criminal Justice Reform into law.

Trump states that to help former inmates find housing, jobs, and support, his administration has established the Council on Crime Prevention and Reentry. Next, Tony Lowden thanks President Trump for signing this legislation. Lowden remarks that now is the time for prisoners to take this opportunity and rebuilt their communities. He adds that now is the time to get together and get behind this President. Trump says that through their Pledge to America’s Workers, over 415 companies have committed to providing new jobs and training opportunities to nearly 15 million Americans.

Donald Trump says that his administration has stopped the federal government from discriminating against faith-based HBCUs. He ends his speech by saying that their future has never been brighter. While addressing his fellow Americans, he remarks that the best is yet to come.

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