President Trump Delivers Remarks

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a press conference held at the White House on February 29, 2020. Trump begins by stating that he’d like to congratulate all those incredible people that have worked for so long on their endless war in Afghanistan, going on 20 years. He adds that they just signed an agreement that puts them in a position to get it done, bring them down to in the vicinity of 8,000 troops. Donald Trump remarks that they want to bring their people back home.

President Trump states that they have destroyed, in Syria and Iraq, 100 percent of the ISIS caliphate. He informs that they have been working around the clock on the coronavirus. He adds that a lot of progress has been made. He states that at this moment, they have 22 patients in the United States that have coronavirus, where one person passed away overnight, unfortunately. Trump says that since the early stages of the foreign outbreak, his administration has taken the most aggressive action in modern history to confront the spread of this disease.

Donald Trump remarks that on January 31st, he imposed travel restrictions on foreign nations who had been to China or people coming out of China. He informs that on Monday, he will be meeting with the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. He adds that they are talking about a vaccine and developing a vaccine to combat this virus. Trump states that they have 43 million masks.

Next, Vice President Mike Pence states that from the moment that this country learned of the spread of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump took decisive action and established the White House Coronavirus Task Force. He adds that the President took unprecedented action to suspend all travel into the United States from China. Mike Pence says that today, the President authorized action to add additional travel restrictions on Iran.

Pence mentions that the President has authorized the State Department to increase the travel advisory for Americans to level four, where they are urging Americans to not travel to the areas in Italy and South Korea, which are affected by the coronavirus. Next, Secretary Azar says that they want to lower the amount of travel to and from the most impacted areas. He adds that this is a basic containment strategy. After that, Dr.Fauci says that they prevented travel from China and if they had not done that, they would have had many more cases right here.

Dr. Redfield states that there are 22 cases in the United States. He remarks that the current risk to the American public remains low. A reporter asks Trump if he is considering other travel restrictions. Donald Trump answers yes. On being asked about closing the southern border, Trump says that they are looking at southern border. Another reporter asks how should Americans prepare for this virus. Dr. Redfield says that the American public needs to go on with their normal lives.

A reporter asks Dr. Fauci if he is confident that if you are a relatively healthy young person, that this will not be fatal for you. Dr. Fauci says that the number in their country is low. He adds that it seems to be following the experiences that others have had. Another reporter asks Trump whether the war in Afghanistan is over and if the Taliban is in charge. Trump says that President Ghani is now dealing with the Taliban and adds that it is time for their people to start coming home.

Another reporter asks Trump on the markets, if he is able to do anything from a policy or reassurance standpoint to try to deal with jitters in the market. Trump says that it isnot a good situation when they lose travel. He adds that they are going to have to do whatever is necessary. He says that safety, health is on number one and the markets will take care of themselves. A reporter reports that it has been reported that he is willing to meet with leaders of Russia, China, the U.K, and France. Trump says that they all want to discuss arms control. He adds that they are spending now over $20 billion on nuclear, super-speed missiles, and other things.

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