Coronavirus Outbreak: Donald Trump, CDC addresses U.S. preparedness for possible COVID-19 threat

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U.S. President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that the U.S. is “very, very ready” for whatever the coronavirus threat begins, and he put his vice president in charge of overseeing the nation’s response.

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a press conference held at the White House on February 26, 2020. He begins by extending his deepest condolences to the victims and families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He says that earlier today, a wicked murderer opened fire at a Molson Coors Brewing Company plant, taking the lives of five people. Trump mentions that he received another briefing that the virus is going around to various parts of the world.

Donald Trump says that they closed up their borders to flights coming in from certain areas, which were hit by the coronavirus and hit pretty hard. He states that they have a total of 15. He remarks that they took in some from Japan because they are American citizens. He says that of the 15 people, 8 of them have returned to their homes. He adds that one is in the hospital and five have fully recovered.

President Trump says that they do have some outbreaks in some countries. He adds that Italy and various countries are having some difficulty and also, China where it started. He states that if you can count on the reports coming out of China, that spread has gone down quite a bit. Trump says that they have in quarantine those infected and those at risk. Next, Mike Pence says that Trump established the White House Corona Task Force. He adds that all the members of the Corona Task Force have been meeting every day since it was established.

Mike Pence says that the White House met with over 40 state, county, and city health officials from over 30 states and territories to discuss how to respond to this. After that, Secretary Azar reports that they have three cases among Americans repatriated from Wuhan and 42 cases among Americans repatriated who had been stuck on the Diamond Princess in Japan. He informs that Americans can find useful information at

Next, Dr. Schuchat states that coronavirus that they are talking about is a respiratory virus, which spreads in a similar way to the common cold or to influenza. Dr. Tony Fauci says that a few days ago, they initiated a randomized controlled trial of a drug called remdesivir. He remarks that if it proves well, they will then have an effective therapy to distribute. On being asked about his trip to India, Donald Trump says that their relationship with India is extraordinary right now.

A reporter asks Trump about the screening measures that he put in place and the travel restrictions he has put in place regarding China. He asks if he is planning on adding countries like Italy and South Korea to the list. Trump says that they have to focus on this country. He adds that they may do that but right now, it is not the right time. Another reporter asks him if the CDC is right that the spread is inevitable, then is he going to deal with stock market issues and economy issues? Trump says that the stock market will recover.

Another reporter asks Trump what the United States is doing to boost the production of masks. Donald Trump says that they have ordered a lot of it just in case they need it. A reporter says that Tokyo will host the Summer Olympic Games this July. He asks Trump whether he expects Tokyo will be. Trump says that he hopes so. A reporter reports that the Dow Jones dropped more than 2,000 points this week and he asks if Trump believes it had to do with the coronavirus. Trump retorts that he does believe that that’s a factor. On being asked about the number of people testing, Trump says that they are testing everybody they need to test. Lastly, a reporter asks Trump if he is working with China right now. President Trump says that they are working with China and they just did the biggest trade deal in history. He adds that between USMCA and the China deal, it’s the biggest in history.

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