President Trump Delivers Joint Remarks with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s joint remarks with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel at the White House on January 28, 2020. Trump starts by stating that today, Israel takes a big step towards peace. He adds that this is the first time Israel has authorized the release of a conceptual map, illustrating the territorial compromises it is willing to make for the cause of peace. He says that they will form a joint committee with Israel to convert the conceptual map into a more detailed and calibrated rendering.

Donald Trump says that they will also work to create a contiguous territory within the future Palestinian State for when the conditions for statehood are met, including the firm rejection of terrorism. He remarks that he has done a lot for Israel: moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem and getting out of the terrible Iran nuclear deal. President Trump mentions that this map will more than double the Palestinian territory and provide a Palestinian capital in eastern Jerusalem where America will proudly open an embassy.

Trump says that their vision will deliver a massive commercial investment of $50 billion into the new Palestinian state. He remarks that a growing number of nations have taken strong stands against terrorism and radicalization. He states that the ISIS territorial caliphate is 100% destroyed as its savage leader, Al-Baghdadi is now dead. He says that it is time for the Muslim world to fix the mistake it made in 1948 when it chose to attack, instead of recognizing the new State of Israel.

Next, Benjamin Netanyahu remarks that they remember May 14th, 1948, because on that day, President Truman became the first world leader to recognize the State of Israel after their first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared their independence. He adds that down the centuries, they will also remember January 28th, 2020, because on this day, Trump became the first world leader to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over areas in Judea and Samaria.

Prime Minister of the State of Israel remarks that he has agreed to negotiate peace with the Palestinians on the basis of his peace plan. He says that Trump’s peace plan advances all these goals, where it first addresses the root cause of the conflict by insisting that the Palestinians will finally have to recognize Israel as the Jewish State and second, it stipulates that Israel will retain security control in the entire area of the west of the Jordan River. He adds that thereby, it gives Israel a permanent eastern border to defend themselves across their longest border.

Benjamin Netanyahu adds that third, his plan calls for Hamas to be disarmed and for Gaza to be demilitarized and fourth, it makes clear that the Palestinian refugee problem must be solved outside the State of Israel. He continues to say that fifth, it calls for their ancient capital, Jerusalem and sixth, his plan does not uproot anyone from their homes – Israelis and Palestinians alike. He remarks that regardless of the Palestinian decision, Israel will preserve the path of peace in the coming years. He ends his remarks by saying that Israel is blessed to have the friendship of the greatest power on Earth, the United States of America.