President Trump Participates in an Expanded Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada

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London, United Kingdom

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at an expanded bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada in London, United Kingdom on December 3, 2019. President Donald Trump begins by saying that a question was asked about supporting the people protesting in Iran, who are going through a very tough period. He adds that they do support them totally and have supported them from the beginning. He clarifies that they have not been asked to support them financially.

Donald Trump says that they are working on the USMCA, which is a great deal for Mexico, Canada, and the United States. He says that they are going to be talking about a number of subjects, including additional trade, the military, and the military presence. Prime Minister Trudeau says that the relationship between Canada and the United States is incredibly strong. He remarks that they are increasing their defense investments by 70 percent over these 10 years making sure that everyone is there to step up and deliver.

A reporter asks Trump why he has not talked about climate change, which was his top priority. Donald Trump says that he thinks about it all the time. He adds that it is very important to him and he wants clean air and clear water. Another reporter asks if he is concerned about rising sea levels at all. Trump answers that he is concerned about everything. He adds that he is also concerned about nuclear proliferation. Another reporter asks Trump if he is happy with Canadian defense spending as it is right now. Trump says that they are starting to do very well, economically. He adds that he is satisfied with it.

On Huawei, President Trump says that they will discuss that. The reporter asks Trump about his message to the Prime Minister about Huawei and using it in the next generation of cell phone networks in Canada. Donald Trump says that they find a security problem with it. He remarks that they are not using Huawei and they are really some of their great companies are getting much involved with 5G right now.

A reporter states that on the nuclear issue, the governments of Russia and China trying to come to the table on some sort of agreement on nuclear nonproliferation. The reporter questions Trump that his description of those conversations that he has had with those leaders does not really mesh with what they have said publicly. Trump says that he is one that terminated the agreement. He adds that he terminated it because they were not living up to it.

Another reporter asks Donald Trump if it is his belief now that there will be a Senate trial. Trump says that he has no idea. He says that they are making a mistake if they do that, but that’s okay. On the new site for the G7 Summit next year, Trump says that they are going to do it at Camp David. A reporter asks Prime Minister Trudeau that the President has suggested that Canada might pull out of USMCA if the U.S. Congress does not ratify a deal.  Prime Minister Trudeau says that they have had lots of great conversations about how they are going to keep moving forward to benefit workers in all three of their countries and they are very confident that they are going to be able to get there.

A reporter asks Prime Minister Trudeau that it is his plan to have discussions about Turkey and its role in NATO with his meeting with the President. Prime Minister Trudeau answers that he thinks there’s a range of discussions that they are going to have during this meeting. On being asked about his plan to talk about the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, he answers that they will absolutely be bringing up the issue of China and the detained Canadians.

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