President Trump Participates in an Expanded Bilateral Meeting with the President of France

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London, United Kingdom

This video is about President Trump’s remarks at an expanded bilateral meeting with the President of France in London, United Kingdom on December 3, 2019. Trump says that it is great to be with President Macron of France. He states that they were discussing certain things and then, they are going to have a long conversation afterwards. He pays his respects to the great warriors that they lost in Mali – 13 and helicopters.

Trump says that they do a lot of trade with France and they have a minor dispute. He adds that he thinks they will probably be able to work it out. A reporter asks Trump if he has a better understanding of what President Macron was saying about NATO. Donald Trump says that they just began discussing NATO. He says that they have a lot of countries stepping up and putting up a lot of money, where the number is exactly $131 billion a year.

President Macron states that he is a strong supporter of a stronger European component in NATO, which is exactly what they have done. He says that in terms of cost-sharing, they are investing 1.9 percent of their GDP. He adds that they do share exactly the same view. A reporter asks Trump about his message to President Macron on America’s tech companies. Also, about his process in determining what additional products from France he might apply tariffs to. Trump says that they are working on that right now.

Another reporter asks Donald Trump if the United States supports the protestors in Iran. Trump says that the answer is no but he does not want to comment on that. On Turkey, Donald Trump says that they have a very good relationship with Turkey and with President Erdogan. President Macron adds that they need clarification from the Turkish side. He says that they have two clarifications to be asked, which are how it is possible to be a member of the Alliance, to work with their office, to buy their materials, and to buy the S-400 from Russians. He exclaims that it is not possible technically.

A reporter reports to President Trump that Mr. Macron says that Russia should not be designated as an adversary of NATO. The reporter asks whether Trump agrees with that or not. Trump answers that they could get along with Russia. He says that whether it is Russia or somebody else, they have to be prepared. He says that he and President Macron have a pretty similar view on that. Trump states that with respect to nuclear weapons, he has spoken to President Putin and he has communicated with him.

Trump remarks that the whole situation with nuclear is not a good situation. He says that they ended the treaty because it was not being adhered to by the other side. Trump reports that they want to make a treaty and so do they. He ends it by saying that some very good things can happen with respect to that.

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