Donald Trump holds campaign rally in Pennsylvania – watch live

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Watch live as US president Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania on December 10, 2019. Vice President Mike Pence says that he is there because he stands with President Donald Trump. He states that the U.S. Special Forces took out the leader of the ISIS leader without one American casualty just about a month ago. He says that since election day 2016, small and large businesses have created 7 million jobs all across the country, unemployment is at a 50-year low, the stock market is setting records, and more Americans are working than ever before in American history.

President Donald Trump states that they smashed expectations with another 266,000 jobs, where unemployment is now more than a 50-year low. He adds that the Pennsylvania unemployment rate has reached an all-time record low. Trump exclaims that they are very happy to have USMCA as Congress approved it. He says that they have reached a deal with Congress to invest a record $738 billion more into their great military. He remarks that they are opening up the Space Force.

Donald Trump says that the United States Special Forces brought the world’s number one terrorist to justice. He states that their air and their water are clearer now than it has ever been. He says that they are by far the largest economy in the world. He says that today, they set a new record as almost 160 million people are working. He exclaims that they have made America great. He adds that they have rebuilt their military and they have cut their taxes.

Trump says that he made a thing like the Right to Try. He says since the election, they have also created 7 million new jobs. He adds that right there in Pennsylvania, they have created 160,000 brand-new beautiful jobs. Donald Trump says that African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment rates are the lowest ever in the history of their country. He says that wages for low-income workers have gone up more than 10%.

President Trump says that he has taken the toughest-ever action against China’s trade abuses. He states that they will soon have 182 federal judges, including Court of Appeals. Trump says that they are removing illegal aliens from their country by the thousands, where they are being very tough. He adds that Mexico is giving them 27,000 soldiers at their border. He states that illegal crossings are down 75% since May and the wall is going up at a very rapid pace.

Trump says that he withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal. He adds that he recognizes Israel’s true capital and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem. He says that they just finished a deal with South Korea and also, a $40 billion deal with Japan. He ends his remarks by stating that America is thriving like never before.

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