President Trump Delivers Remarks on Honesty and Transparency in Healthcare Prices

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks on honesty and transparency in healthcare prices at the White House on November 15, 2019. He says that the stock market is up big that day, which sets a new record. He adds that the employment numbers are at a record. He says that this afternoon, they celebrate something that he is very proud of, another major victory in their mission to deliver great healthcare at a price that all can afford.

Donald Trump remarks that their goal was to give patients the knowledge they need about the real price of healthcare services. He says that they will be able to check them, compare them, go to different locations, so they can shop for the highest-quality care at the lowest cost. He says that he is very proud to announce two new actions implementing that order. He says first, they are finalizing a rule that will compel hospitals to publish prices publicly online for everyone to see and compare. He adds that second, they are putting forward a proposed rule to require health insurance providers to disclose their pricing information to consumers.

Next, Ms. Melissa Ural remarks that a transparent pricing initiative aligns with their ownership model because it allows employees to get the care they need at the cost that they want. She says that right now, they have some price transparency behind the scenes, but with full price transparency upfront, their employees can make the best decisions possible. After that, Representative Kevin Brady remarks that it is easy to have quality care or affordable care, but the goal is to have both. He says that making these prices transparent allows their families and their businesses to have quality care and affordable at the same time.

President Donald Trump says that the actions that they are announcing today are the latest steps. He adds that their efforts to reduce the price of prescription drugs are going to have some tremendous results. He remarks that they should approve USMCA. He says that they eliminated the Obamacare individual mandate penalty and expanding affordable alternatives that cost up to 60 percent less than Obamacare plans.

Trump says that after many years, they finally have transparency, which is going into effect today. He adds that within about 12 months, it will be fully implemented. A reporter asks Trump if he thinks that he is going to get impeached. Trump retorts that he should not be.

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