FULL RALLY: President Trump rallies in Tupelo, Mississippi

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This video is about President Trump’s remarks at a political rally in Tupelo, Mississippi on November 1, 2019. He begins by informing that four days from now, the state will head to the polls and vote to continue their extraordinary progress with their next Governor, Republican Tate Reeves. He adds that jobs are booming, wages are rising, and their nation is stronger than ever before under Republican leadership.

Donald Trump says that they are now an economic powerhouse. He adds that the stock market hit another all-time historic high today. He says that unemployment in Mississippi has reached the lowest rate ever recorded. He states that they have confirmed more than 158 brand-new federal judges to uphold their constitution as written. He exclaims that the United States brought the world’s number one terrorist leader to justice.

President Trump informs that the new President of Ukraine is speaking to the United States of America. He says that the whole impeachment scam was to undermine the 2020 election. He remarks that they got two Supreme Court judges, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Trump says that China wants to make a deal because those tariffs have given them millions of dollars and billions now. He adds that their farmers got $16 billion last year and $12 billion a year.

Trump remarks that he likes Phil’s attitude, who is a great man. He adds that Tate Reeves who Phil endorses and views as a champion for their state is a champion for Mississippi values. He says that Tate helped cut their taxes over 50 times, including the largest tax cut in Mississippi history. After that, Tate Reeves states that they have Trump almost 60% of the vote in 2016 and next year, they are going to do even better. He says that it is time to stand up for keeping America great. He remarks that let’s stand up to elect a Conservation that will be an ally to President Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump asks people to go out and vote for Tate this Tuesday. Next, Governor Phil Bryant exclaims that let’s go Make America Great Again. After that, Cindy Hyde-Smith asks people to support for Governor Tate Reeves and those Mississippi Republican candidates. President Trump states that they have created over 6.7 million new jobs since the election.

Trump says that unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over 51 years. He adds that African-American unemployment just dropped to the lowest rate ever recorded historically. He states that they lifted 55,000 Mississippi residents out of poverty. He says that hourly earnings are up 9% in Mississippi since the election. Trump remarks that under his administration, they have already added 10,000 factories and more are following soon.

President Donald Trump says that to provide relief to working families, they passed massive tax cuts on average. He remarks that they slashed the largest number in the history of job-killing regulations and ended the war on American energy. He adds that they are replacing NAFTA with the brand-new USMCA. He informs that under their policies, Toyota has announced a $170 million investment in Mississippi and 400 new jobs at its facility.

Donald Trump reports that they should have anywhere from 400 to 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year. He says that they believe in keeping terrorists, criminals, and drug dealers out of their country. He states that illegal crossings have dropped 60% since May. He thanks Mexico as they have 27,000 soldiers on their borders. He says that the Democrats’ healthcare agenda would obliterate Medicare. He remarks that they passed VA choice and VA accountability on behalf of their veterans. He states that they are going to end the AIDS epidemic within 10 years. He ends his speech with “We will make America safe and great again.”

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