President Trump Welcomes the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks while honoring the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions at the White House on October 15, 2019. Donald Trump says that it is his pleasure to welcome the Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues. He informs that they have a delegation leading today. He says that they are having very strong talks with a lot of people.

Donald Trump says that they want to bring back their soldiers after so many years. He reports that they put the strongest sanctions. He exclaims that the stock market was up that day because of the trade deal that they made with China. He reports that they are going to sell about $50 billion worth of agricultural products to China. He adds that they have a phase two and they are doing a lot with banking and financial services already in phase one.

President Trump informs that the agreement will probably take until Chila as they are going to China for a meeting or summit. He says that they just did a deal with Japan and one with South Korea. He states that China is happening and so are Mexico and Canada. Trump recalls that they just hit the greatest economy they have ever had.

Trump says that the St. Blues’ amazing comeback reminds them to never give up, never lose faith, and never ever quit. He says that they had a record streak, and then, they are in it and they keep winning. Trump congratulates the St. Louis Blues on their unforgettable season, which was the tremendous and thrilling Stanley Cup win. Next, Tom Stillman, the chairman says that these guys showed tremendous not only skill and ability in their sport, but great character and persistence. He states that it is a proud moment to be there with all of them.

Tom Stillman remarks that on behalf of the St. Louis Blues organization, and all of their fans back in St. Louis, the other members of their ownership group, their whole team, they’d like to present him their Stanley Cup Championship jersey.

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