President Trump Signs Executive Orders on Transparency in Federal Guidance and Enforcement

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump remarks at the White House while signing executive orders on Transparency in Federal Guidance and Enforcement on October 10, 2019. He says that he will sign two executive orders in some moments to expand their regulatory reduction campaign. He remarks that the stock market is up 250 points irrespective of various trade deals, such as with South Korea and Japan. He adds that they have tremendous deals under negotiation.

President Donald Trump remarks that today, they take bold and new action to protect Americans from bureaucracy and stop regulators from imposing hidden rules and penalties on the American people. After that, Andy Johnson says that the EPA knocked at his door and fined him $37,500 a day when he applied for a stock pond permit for his private property. He states that the Pacific Legal Foundation stepped in and sued the EPA on his behalf. He says that this executive order will hold the EPA and other government agencies responsible for their actions.

Next, Richard Schok states that they have spent 10 years and $300,000 while fighting with the regulatory agencies over the Army Corps of Engineers wetland designation’s arbitrary nature and their use of the Alaska supplement versus the 1987 Wetlands Manual. He adds that they lost their appeal in the Ninth Circuit. He says that with the changes in this executive order, other land owners will not suffer.

President Trump mentions that they have various great new judges in the Ninth Circuit around 182 judges. After that, Kevin Lunny says that he used to run the Drakes Bay oyster farm. He reports that in 2014, the National Environmental Policy Act was launched that lasted for eight years and costs millions of dollars. He adds that the National Park Service forced their oyster farm out of business.

Donald Trump says that his first executive order will need agencies to publish guidance documents online, where everyday citizens and small businesses could find them. He adds that the second order he will sign will protect American citizens from hidden interpretations of regulations, unexpected penalties, and violations of their rights. Donald Trump states that cars are too expensive and they will bring the price down by about $3,500 to make the care more affordable.

President Donald Trump states that they are bringing the incandescent bulb back. He exclaims that they have created 6.4 million new jobs, where the unemployment has reached the lowest rate in more than 50 years. After that, Acting Director of OMB, Russ Vought remarks that they want to make sure that no person should be bullied by the federal government.

A reporter asks Trump whether he is lowering his expectations for a trade deal with China. Donald Trump says that no, he is driving a tough bargain. Another reporter asks Trump if the Chinese wrong to be putting pressure on the NBA. Trump says that the NBA is a different thing. He adds that they have to work out their own situation. Another reporter asks Trump whether the trade deals will come up with China. Trump says that China wants to make a deal.

The reporter adds that they seem to be reluctant to make concessions on IP.  Trump says that they will see. He adds that there is a really good chance that they will make a deal. On the investigation reports, Trump says that he is leaving it all to the Attorney General.

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