President Trump Holds a Cabinet Meeting

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In this video, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is having a Cabinet meeting. Trump says that the country’s economy is doing really well. The household median income has rose $5,000, which excludes $2,000 for taxes since President Trump was elected two and a half years ago. He needs USMCA to be voted. Mexico and Canada have already approved it. He has done other trade deals as well, including South Korea.

Trump further says that unemployment in America has reached historic lows. Moreover, with the help of his administration and the Kurds, he has managed to capture some people of the ISIS. The deal with China is developing very well and their soldiers in Syria are moving out. He has also secured the oil.

Trump talked to the President of Ukraine, who said there was no pressure or blackmail. The conversation was perfect. And, he released the conversation, which threw off Schiff, who is a corrupt politician since he made up a lie of what Trump said in the conversation. Trump says that this is a phony investigation. He also adds that he has rebuilt the US military since he was elected in November 2016.

Reporters then ask various questions from Trump.

The first question is if Trump will maintain a limited number of troops in Syria and will these troops come home or will be sent to other military bases. To this, Trump says that it is not necessary to leave troops there since it’s very risky out there. Plus, the troops will be initially sent to different parts and then they will come home.

The next question is about Trump not holding the G7 at Doral. Trump responds that Doral was owned by him, which means there would not be any cost for it. But, now he is looking at other locations where G7 will take place. This new place will cost the nation a fortune because it would be very expensive. On the other hand, he was doing it for free but many people did not like this.

The next question is that a few republicans are not happy about Trump’s decision on Syria. Trump answers that he did what he had to do, what he got elected on, and what he thinks is right, that is, to bring back their soldiers.

Trump then asks Larry Kudlow to say something. Kudlow says that this is a middle-class boom. The average real family income is now $65,000, which is at an 8% gain of $6,000. Moreover, the unemployment rate is 3.5%, which is lowest in 51 years. The inflation rate is 1.4% and there is a 50% increase in the stock market. Furthermore, household net worth is $12 trillion and disposable income is increasing at 3%. All this shows that the US economy is accelerating and not slowing down.

Trump says that he has cut a lot of regulations and asks Russ to talk about it. Acting secretary Vought says that Trump set a vow for two deregulatory initiatives but now they are at nine. This means that they have made $50 billion in cost savings, which were earlier $33 billion.

Administrator Wheeler then gives an update on the implementation of Trump’s executive order on the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS). The Obama EPA stated that the Clean Water Act rule was for the quality of water but it was actually about power in the hands of the federal government. This means that many more landowners would have to get expensive federal permits for activities on private property, which can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $300,000. However, when Trump took office, he asked his administration to fix this problem. Therefore, the Department of Army and EPA are now implementing Trump’s executive order on WOTUS.

Trump then asks Sonny to talk about ethanol for their farmers. Secretary Perdue says that the President has done a couple of things. These include making the E15 throughout the year and balancing up smaller refinery waivers with the RFS and farmers.

Trump then asks Bob Lighthizer to give a small update on China. Ambassador Lighthizer says that they will sign a finished document with China on phase one and then they will work on phase two.

Secretary Azar then talks about approving generic drugs, which are more affordable substitutes to brand drugs. They have approved 3,000 generic drugs under Trump’s tenure.  Plus, they are working on his scheme to import drugs from Canada.

Trump then asks Eugene Scalia to speak. Secretary Scalia talks about two things that they are doing at the Labor Department, which are the result of the executive orders issued by Trump. These include association health plans and association retirement plans. Both these plans are helping employees and workers to receive healthcare and retirement coverage.

Ms. Conway then speaks about combating the drug supply and demand crises in America. She adds that there has been a 5.1% overall decline in 30 years in overdose deaths because of drugs. Plus, there is the HR.6 bipartisan accomplishment of Trump. They have also collected 4.6 million pounds of prescription drugs that are not used as part of the ‘Take Back Day’ campaign.

Secretary Azar then talks about deregulation and transparency in pricing and on the quality of the doctor.

Trump ends the cabinet meeting by talking about trade deals with North Korea, South Korea, and China. According to Trump, these trade deals will bring a tremendous difference in the US economy.

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