President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum

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Columbia, SC

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum in Columbia, South Carolina on October 25, 2019. He starts by saying that he is very proud of being involved with criminal justice reform and getting it passed. He states that it was a bipartisan bill. He exclaims that it is his try honor to receive the Bipartisan Justice Award.

Donald Trump states that four years ago, 20 African American Republicans and 20 African American Democrats founded the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center to advance the cause of criminal justice reform. He exclaims that with their help, they brought the whole country together to achieve a truly momentous milestone last year. He adds that after years of waiting, they assembled a historic coalition. Trump says that they call it the FIRST STEP Act.

President Trump says since they passed this landmark legislation, 10 states have followed their lead and passed legislation that takes critical steps to advance criminal justice reform at the state level. After that, Alice Johnson remarks that being incarcerated, separated from her family for 22 years, was one of the hardest challenges of her life. She exclaims that criminal justice reform is not a partisan issue. She says that she thanks all of their legislators who have come together and put aside their political differences to work on this very important issue.

Trump says that to redress unfairness, the FIRST STEP Act made transformative changes. He adds that they rolled back the unjust provisions of the 1994 Clinton crime law, which harmed the African American community. Next, Tanesha Bannister remarks that it was because of that act that she was able to reunite with her family. She adds that FIRST STEP Act not only freed thousands of people, but it helped rehabilitate them, to have them ready to integrate back into society and live a comfortable life.

President Donald Trump states that his administration is working vigorously to remove barriers to re-entry and to encourage second-chance hiring. He states that they are asking companies to hire American citizens, including former prisoners who have been reformed instead of low-wage labor from overseas. Next, Jerome Brown says that through the FIRST STEP Act, the President is giving a lot of guys and women support again.

Donald Trump states that since his election, the unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans have achieved historic lows. He adds that they have almost 160 million people working today. He says that over 2 million Americans have lifted out of poverty. He states that a recent analysis found that middle-class income has risen by $5,000. He states that through their pledge to American workers, over 360 companies have committed to providing over 14 million training jobs and career opportunities for the American worker.

Trump remarks that he directed every member of his Cabinet to support Opportunity Zones in every possible way. He states that he signed an executive order to support historically black colleges and universities by moving federal HBCU initiative to the White House. He adds that they have increased federal funding for HBCUs by 13 percent over the past two years. He ends by saying that they are fighting to bring opportunity, dignity, and hope to every block, neighborhood, city, and town throughout that magnificent land.

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