President Trump Delivers Remarks at a Reception in Honor of the Italian Republic

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The White House


This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a reception in honor of the Italian Republic at the White House in Washington on October 17, 2019. He starts by saying that today, they celebrate the friendship between Italy and the United States. He exclaims that they just carried out a deal with China. He adds that now, they are getting it papered out.

President Trump says that their nation and their civilization have been profoundly enriched by Italian faith, courage, creativity, brilliance, and spirit. He adds that Italy gave them everything from Galileo’s telescope to Verdi’s opera, to Versace’s fashion and many more. He informs that on Monday, their nation commemorated the legendary achievements of an Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus.

Donald Trump thanks all Italian Americans in that room and across their country. He thanks them for uplifting their communities, for strengthening their nation, and for everything they have done to unleash American greatness. Next, Trump remarks that President Sergio Mattarella is a crime-fighter and a patriot. He adds that he is also the first Sicilian President of the Italian Republic.

After that, President Sergio Mattarella remarks that he is very grateful for their words of friendship. He says that now, most people consider the United States and Italy as a home, where they can live in and therefore, supporting their countries with passion and determination as they move towards the future. He exclaims that by doing so, their deep friendship is strengthened.

President Sergio Mattarella states that the Trans-Atlantic bond resonates in their common foreign and defense policies, in their close social relations, their cultural cooperation, their traditional economic cooperation, and trade that will develop with the fairest freedom of trade, growth, and investments.

President Mattarella says that their bond embraces research and involves scholars, universities, businesses, and professionals from both their countries. He adds that this is something that they are witnessing in the fascinating quest to increase their knowledge regarding space. He remarks that he wishes to celebrate the feat by sending his thoughts to the astronauts. He ends by saying that these people represent the progress shared by the U.S., Europe, and Italy.