President Trump Delivers Remarks

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The White House

Donald Trump commences his speech by stating that the leader and founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed. The US Special Operations Forces have been searching for the terrorist for several years now and executed him right away. Trump also stated that no personnel was killed during the operation.

Donald Trump then went on to explain exactly how Baghdadi was killed and was proud to demonstrate America’s relentless commitment to defeating terrorist organizations. Last month, Donald Trump announced the death of Hamza bin Laden, who was the son of the fallen Osama bin Laden and the heir to al Qaeda.

Trump went on to explain that terrorist organizations like ISIS have killed many innocent Americans in heinous ways, including the publicized murder of a Jordanian pilot. ISIS executed Christians in Egypt and Libya and was responsible for the genocidal mass murder of Yazidis. They also forced their religion and performed many beheadings, all done in the public.

Trump says that the raid was impeccable and offers his thanks to his Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Mark Milley. He also thanks the professionals who worked alongside the agencies of the US government and played critical roles in the success. Trump then gears up for the question-answer round.

A reporter asked him when he first heard about the operation. To this, Trump replied that his team had Baghdadi under surveillance for some weeks. They also knew a few other types of information. Trump explained that he could see everything that was going on in real-time, alongside General Milley and Vice President Pence. The US President expressed his thanks to countries like Iraq and Russia because the US military was flying in-and-out of these territories.

Another reporter asked what Trump was talking about pulling the troops in and out for several weeks. Trump replies that he has been looking for al-Baghdadi ever since he joined the office three years back. He did not care about the smaller ones; Trump was only looking for Baghdadi. He says that terrorists are some of the smartest people in the world; they avoid the use of cell phones and know how to use the Internet for their benefit.

Trump says to the reporter that his team started getting positive feedback about a month ago and started the whole operation in the last two weeks.

Another reporter asked Trump about what he told the Russians while flying over their area. Trump says that he spoke to the Russians, to which they replied and thanked them for letting them know. However, Trump did not tell the Russians why they were flying over their territory.

A reporter asked Trump whether he notified congressional leaders like Mitch McConnell or Pelosi about the operation. Trump says that he notified some of them while others are currently being notified. He states he planned to notify them all the previous night but then decided not to so that there is no risk of any leakage of information.

A reporter asked why the troops are stationed at an undisclosed location. Trump states that he is leaving the soldiers to secure the oil. He does not care if anyone else wants the oil. However, his priority to secure the oil is to stop the funding of ISIS. Secondly, if any other country wants to claim it, they will have to make a deal or face a tough time with the US military.

After answering a few more questions, Donald Trump called the session to its end.

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