The Arrival Ceremony of the Prime Minister of Australia and Mrs. Morrison

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President Trump and The First Lady Participate in the Arrival Ceremony of the Prime Minister of Australia and Mrs. Morrison

The White House

This video begins with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and Mrs. Trump entering the ceremony. Later on, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison and Jennifer, the First Lady arrive at the ceremony. The National Anthem of both countries is played.Donald Trump starts his speech by announcing that today they are celebrating the long, cherished, and unwavering friendship between the United States and Australia. He welcomes both the Prime Minister of Australia and the First Lady to the White House and looks forward to hosting them a State Dinner in the Rose Garden.

Trump further states that last year, the two nations commemorated “100 Years of Mateship” since their gallant service members fought together in World War One. Today, they vow to carry on the righteous legacy of their exceptional alliance.

Trump then talks about several years of friendship between the two countries. He says that in 1792, during George Washington’s first term, the American ship “Philadelphia” became the first foreign trading vessel to enter an Australian port. In the coming decades, American prospectors, whalers, and merchants traveled to Australia. In the First World War, their bond was sealed in blood at the Battle of Hamel in France. In World War Two, the Aussies held the line against Rommel for eight harrowing months — Tobruk. Further, the United States and Australia formalized their security alliance in 1951.Today, on National Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day, they pledge to forever honor their service members that are captured or are still missing from battle.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison then talks about the friendship between the two countries. He says that 50 years ago, another Australian Prime Minister visited the White House. And, today, another Prime Minister returns as a friend to celebrate their friendship. For a century, Australia has stood together with America and it continues to stand together. They pledge to renew and modernize the alliance between their nations for a new century.

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