President Trump Visits the Border Wall

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Otay Mesa, CA

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks during his visit to the Otay Mesa Border Site in San Diego, California on September 19, 2019. He starts by showing some of the details of the wall. He says that this is going to be close to 500 miles by the time they finish. He says that the wall is 30 feet high, where they have an 18-foot wall. He adds that they have a combination of 30 feet and 18 feet depending on the area and importance.

President Donald Trump says that they have tremendous cooperation from Mexico, where they have 27,000 soldiers right now. After that, General Semonite says that this system has two walls as well as the road networks, down through the middle and the back so that the customs and border can go ahead and continue to be able to move around it. He adds that there is also a lighting system.

General says that they are putting in about 270 panels a day that are going in the ground. He says that they have got 44,000 panels that are already built. He says that 66 miles today are already completed and there are 251 miles that are under contract, going in the ground right now at 17 other sites. After that, Acting Commissioner Morgan says that the part of what the wall gets is the men and women of CBP, specifically Border Patrol, the operational capacity to get to the area where people are trying to illegally cross.

President Trump says that they have the rebar, the steel, and then they have hardened concrete. Agent Harrison remarks that it makes the community safer and it allows them to make that apprehension here in the border zone as opposed to getting in vehicles and getting in pursuits on the highway.

A reporter asks Trump whether he can explain what was there before. Trump says that they had a very low fencing there. He says that it was like a sheet metal. He adds that they had some areas where they just had a pipe along the ground and that, stopped cars or trucks, but they’d knock that out pretty quickly.

Another reporter asks Trump if he stills consider the situation at the border a national emergency. Donald Trump retorts that yeah, sure. He adds that the success is going to be when the wall is built and when human traffickers cannot go through. A reporter asks Donald Trump how much this border wall is costing the United States and where that money is coming from. Trump says that the money is coming from various resources. General Semonite says that the money was through regular, normal congressional appropriations. He adds that part of this was in FY17 and FY18 but it came through CBP appropriations.

On Iran, President Donald Trump says that he will see what happens. Another reporter asks Trump about his unfavorable reaction on Twitter regarding the Fed cut the rate that day. He says that they should have acted faster, where they raised far too quickly and they lowered too soon. He adds that Germany is actually getting paid money to loan money and Japan gets paid to loan money too. He says that they are a much better credit than anybody in the world but because of their Fed, they are actually paying interest.

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