President Trump Presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera at the White House on September 16, 2019. He starts by saying that that day, they present their nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to an American baseball legend.

Trump remarks that at the age of 18, Mariano started playing in the country’s top adult league. He says in a 1999 game against the Atlanta Braves, his cutter snapped a big strong guy, Ryan Klesko. He adds that he broke his bat three times in one plate appearance, which has to be like a record. He exclaims that in 2001, Mariano’s heavy, fearsome pitch destroyed 44 bats in less than 81 innings. President Trump says that when he retired, the Minnesota Twins presented him with what would become one of the most prized possessions: a chair made out of their shattered bats.

President Donald Trump says in 1998, 1999, and 2000 World Series Championships, Mariano closed out three consecutive World Series victories and delivered 14 strikeouts and 7 saves. He adds that he gave up only 2 runs to 59 batters. He states that Mariano helped lead the Yankees to five World Series victories, was named the World Series MVP in 1999, and this year he became the first person unanimously elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Donald Trump says that nearly two decades ago, Mariano founded the Mariano Rivera Foundation, which has provided hundreds of scholarships for underprivileged children, along with school supplies for countless students, and is currently building a learning and community center in New Rochelle and New York. He adds that after retiring from baseball, Mariano and his wife built an evangelical church and today, Clara is its pastor.

Trump states that Mariano was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 2015 and he serves as co-chair of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. After that, Mariano Rivera says that it’s an honor and a privilege to receive this award, this Medal of Freedom. Military Aide remarks that during his 19 seasons in Major League Baseball, Mariano Rivers established himself as the greatest relief pitcher of all time. He remarks that signed by the New York Yankees in 1990, Mr. Rivera went on  to become a 13-time All-Star and 5-time World Series champion. He ends with “The United States proudly honors Mariano Rivera for being a legend of the game of baseball and for his commitment to strengthening America’s communities.”

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