President Trump Participates in a Press Conference

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New York, NY

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a press conference in New York on September 25, 2019. He starts by saying that they have made some fantastic deals, like with Japan. He says that they have a tremendous deal with Japan. He adds that the PMI manufacturers’ index has gone substantially up. He remarks that their country is the strongest it’s ever been economically. He says that they are the largest economy in the world.

President Trump states that he fully supports transparency on the so-called whistleblower information. He says that he also insists on transparency from Joe Biden and his son Hunter on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of Ukraine and China. He adds that he demands transparency from Democrats who went to Ukraine and attempted to force the new President, who he met and is an outstanding person. He remarks that he didn’t threaten anybody. He exclaims that there was no push, no pressure, no nothing but all a hoax.

Trump says that Senator Chris Murphy literally threatened the President of Ukraine that, if he doesn’t do things right, they would not have Democrat support in Congress. He even mentions about the story in the Washington Post, which was a fake. He says that at no time, he has considered resigning his position since assuming this role on August 16, 2019.

Donald Trump states that this year, America came to the United States stronger than they have ever been before. He remarks that since his election, the United States has not only brought their economy to a level that they have never seen, the most jobs that they have ever had, African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, the best unemployment numbers they have ever had. He exclaims that wages are up, employment is up, and unemployment is down. He says that they will have a fantastic deal with the UK, which should be much bigger than it has been over the last number of years.

Donald Trump says that they signed a terrific new trade deal with Japan, which tremendously helps their farmers and ranchers. He states that with respect to Pakistan and India, they talked about Kashmir. He says that he will do whatever he can. He remarks that they also made incredible strides on national security with President Duda of Poland. He adds that they signed a joint declaration advancing defense cooperation.

President Trump states that together with Prime Minister Lee of Singapore, he signed an important agreement extending their defense cooperation. He adds that yesterday, he met with prospective members of the Middle East Strategic Alliance, which is a group that he knows very well. He says that in recent days, they have achieved historic asylum cooperation agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. He adds that they are working with their partners in Central America to ensure that asylum-seekers can pursue relief as close to their home countries as possible.

Trump remarks that the wall is going up, many miles a week. He exclaims that they hope to have over 400-500 miles. He says that to combat the malice, corruption of both the Venezuelan and Iranian dictatorships, today he issued proclamations suspending the entry into the United States of senior regime officials and their families. He exclaims that to promote American values, on Monday, he was proud to be the first President in history to host a meeting at the United States regarding protecting religious freedom and liberty for people around the world.

A reporter asks Trump whether he can explain to the America people why it is appropriate for an American President to ask a foreign leader for information about a political rival. He exclaims that no other President should have to go through what he has gone through. He adds that the President of Ukraine is looking to stop corruption.

After that, Secretary Pompeo says that they saw the Europeans take a position with respect to the attacks that took place in Saudi Arabia. He remarks that they made real progress uniting the world on that here over these past few years. On China, Trump states that they want to make a deal because their supply chain is going to hell.

A reporter asks Trump why did he go ahead with the transcript if he had expressed some concerns about the precedent of releasing the transcript. He says that yeah, he does not like it. Another reporter asks about Russia, who is talking with the USA or Guaidò. He says that it’s all going to be fine.

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