President Trump Participates in a Multilateral Meeting on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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New York, NY

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a multilateral meeting on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in New York on September 25, 2019. He starts by saying that the situation in Venezuela is a tragedy of historic proportions. He adds that the Maduro regime does not care about the welfare of their own people but about the power and money.

Donald Trump says that Venezuelans are starving and they are dying from lack of medicine, doctors, and help. He states that according to U. N. Human Rights Commissioner, Maduro’s Cuban-trained death squads have murdered up to 10,000 Venezuelans, and they think that number is extremely low. He remarks that their first objective is to ensure a peaceful and constitutional transition, paving the way for free and fair elections.

Trump says that he issued an executive order to completely freeze the assets of the Maduro regime in the United States. He adds that at the same time, they have undertaken significant efforts to ensure that the Venezuelan people have access to food, medicine, and other humanitarian supplies, despite the regime’s efforts to stop aid from coming into Venezuela. Trump states that the United States is ready to support a democratic transition government, and they know that their partners around the world – of which we have many are ready as well.

President Trump remarks that Maduro has sold out his nation to a foreign dictatorship, and it has been that way a long time. He thanks the President of Mexico for the incredible work and spirit and everything that they have done on their southern border. He adds that their southern border has become secure, with 27,000 Mexican soldiers on the Mexican side.

After that, Secretary Pompeo remarks that the United States wants to announce today an additional tranche of $118 million to aid the Venezuelan crisis response. He adds that the assistance will include $36 million for relief efforts inside of Venezuela. He says that they will provide urgently needed medicines that improve access to quality healthcare for the Venezuelan people. He adds that the remaining monies will protect and assist many of their countries, as they generously host a combined 4.4 million Venezuelans who have fled their country over 10 percent of the Venezuelan population. He says that this brings to over $570 million the amount of aid that the United States has provided to ease the crisis, both inside Venezuela and throughout the hemisphere.

Julio Borges remarks that every country in the region should impose sanctions on Cuba. He says that it is time for Castro and Diaz-Canel to understand the consequences of supporting a criminal regime. He remarks that the alliance between the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes holds over 50 million hostages. President Duque talks about the migration crisis, which is really producing a major social impact. He says that this coalition has built of more than 54 states that have recognized President Guaidó and they have recognized the National Assembly, must also continue to bring more countries to the table, because this coalition has to be stronger day by day.

After that, President Piñera says that they are dealing with a criminal, corrupt, and drug-related regime. He says that the conclusion is very clear: this dictatorship has to stop. He says that they need to end this regime, have a transitional government, call to free and open and transparent elections, and then the big story of how to reconstruct Venezuela will start. President Moreno remarks that this meeting is important because he would like to energetically make the call for democracy to be put into place in Venezuela, as it should be in a country that has lived in democracy for so long.

A reporter asks President Trump about the Ukraine transcript, where he asks a favor from President Zelensky to talk to the Attorney General of the United States and Rudy Giuliani about Joe Biden. Trump answers that there was no pressure whatsoever. He ends by saying that they have the strongest country they have ever had and the best economy they have ever had.

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