President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia

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The White House

This video starts with Donald Trump honoring the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, to come to the US. He says that they will talk about a lot of things, including trade and military. They have just sanctioned the Iranian National Bank, which is their central banking system. He asks Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, to say a few words.Secretary Mnuchin says that they are continuing the maximum pressure campaign, which is the last remaining source of funds. So, both the Central Bank of Iran and the National Development Fund, which is their sovereign wealth fund, will be cut off from their banking system. This means no more funds will go to the IRGC or to fund terror. And, this is on top of their oil and financial institution sanctions.

Prime Minister Morrison says that they have to keep this partnership together where both of them have to carry their own weight.

Reporters ask questions from President Trump.

One question is if Trump knows the identity of the whistleblower. Trump responds that he doesn’t know the identity of the whistleblower.

The next question is if Trump will ask Australia to do more when it comes to China. Trump replies that they are talking about China all the time. Prime Minister Morrison says that they have a comprehensive strategic partnership with China.

One question is if Trump is prepared for military action against Iran. Trump answers that they are always prepared. He has spent one and a half trillion dollars on rebuilding their military and he is spending another $738 billion now.

The next question is if Trump is considering 50 or 100% tariffs on China. Trump says that he will not get into that but China will pay 30% tariff on $250 billion in a couple of weeks from October 15, 2019.

One question is if Trump will buy more critical minerals from Australia and how important is that industry. Trump responds that Australia’s mineral industry is massive and they have approached it in an environmentally-sensitive way. He wants to learn from how they do it and apply the suggestions in his own country.

Trump is asked how he plans to bring peace in Afghanistan after the collapse of the process. Trump replies that they were thinking to have a meeting with Afghanistan before but when he heard that they have killed one young soldier from Puerto Rico, he canceled the meeting. Trump adds that they have the strongest military. Plus, Australia’s military is unbelievable and they have really upped it.

The next question is if Trump could give some clarity on his thinking on China if it’s just a trade issue for him or if he sees China as a strategic threat to the United States. Trump answers that China is a threat to the world because they are building a military faster than anybody and they are using U.S. money for it. He is charging China 25% tariffs, which will increase from October 15, 2019. And, China wants to make a deal with the US. He too wants to make a deal with China so they will see what happens.

The last question is how does Trump describe the Prime Minister of Australia now as the last Australian Prime Minister to receive an official State Visit was described by the then President as “a man of steel.” Trump says that he is a “man of titanium” since titanium is much tougher than steel.

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