President Trump Delivers Remarks

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In this video, President Donald Trump starts by talking about a new problem in the United States. The problem is called vaping and it pertains to innocent children. One of the reasons they have held this meeting is to tell people about vaping.

Trump says that they are studying vaping very carefully and it’s potentially very bad. Because of this many people have died and are suffering from many other problems. Trump states that people think vaping is an easy solution to cigarettes but it has its own difficulties. He then asks Secretary Alex Azar and Acting Director of the FDA Sharpless to speak a few words on this critical issue.

Secretary Alex Azar says that they have briefed the President and First Lady on the new data that they have got from the National Youth Tobacco survey. The information from this survey showed a continuous surge in adolescent usage of e-cigarettes. Plus, it shows that the youth are drawn to flavored e-cigarettes, including mint and menthol. Currently, about 8 million adults and 5 million children use e-cigarettes. And, it’s exceptionally harmful to children.

With the President’s support, the Food and Drug Administration intends to finalize a guidance document that would commence enforcement to remove all flavors, other than the tobacco flavor, from the market. This includes mint, menthol, candy, bubblegum, fruit, and alcohol flavors. Once the FDA finalizes this guidance, they would begin enforcement actions to remove all these products from the market. They would let tobacco flavoring to remain, subject to the manufacturers of the tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes filing for pre-market tobacco approval with the Food and Drug Administration.

Then, Dr. Ned Sharpless, the Acting Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, says that the data gathered by the CDC and the FDA shows a very alarming trend of children using flavored e-cigarettes. He informs that the President is directing the FDA to take decisive action against this problem.

Reporters then ask questions from the President.

The first question is about the Taliban if the talks with them are completely dead. Trump replies that yes, the talks are now dead with the Taliban.

The next question is what Led Trump to part ways with Mr. John Bolton. Trump responds that John made some very big mistakes, which includes his statement about the Libyan model for Kim Jong Un.

On being asked who are Trump’s top picks to replace Bolton, Trump answers that there are five very highly qualified people. He will announce somebody by the following week.

Trump is then asked if he told his Chief of Staff to have NOAA disavow those forecasters who said that Alabama was not in the storm’s path. Trump says no, he never did that and it was a whole hoax by the fake news media.

The next question is if Trump’s policy on Venezuela will change after John Bolton is gone. Trump responds that they have a firm policy on Venezuela. Venezuela is hurting and has become poor now. And, they are trying to help people in Venezuela in a humanitarian way.

Trump is asked if he is concerned that the companies making vaping products will be treated unfairly by taking more of these products off the market. Trump replies that he understands vaping has become a very big business. However, he can’t allow people to get sick and their youth to be affected by it.

The next question is about the timeline for taking vaping flavors off the market. Trump asks Alex to answer this question. Secretary Alex Azar says that it will take several weeks for them to put out the final guidance that would announce all the parameters around the enforcement policy.  And, then there will likely be about a 30-day delayed effective date. At that point, all flavored e-cigarettes, other than the tobacco flavor, would be removed from the market. Plus, by May 2020, the manufacturers of tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes would have to file for FDA approval of their products.

The last question is if Trump is looking at arranging a meeting with Iranian President Rouhani at UNGA. Trump answers that he is not looking at anything right now.

Trump finishes off the discussion by saying that they are looking at vaping very strongly. It’s a very dangerous issue and many children and people have died because of it. They will make some very strong rules and regulations pertinent to vaping.

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