President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the President of Romania

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The White House

Donald Trump starts off the conference by thanking the President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis, for being present. Trump states that America has had a great relationship with Romania and has a big trade business going on. President Iohannis says that it feels good to be back to America and wishes to make use of this opportunity to talk about a good strategic partnership between the two countries. With this, Donald Trump kickstarts the press conference.

A reporter asked Trump what kinds of contingency plans or steps the White House is discussing to stave off any type of economic slowdown; the reporter says that there have been talks about some sort of tax cuts in the Fed rate and quantitative easing. President Trump says that he would like to see a cut in the Fed rate, which is something that should have happened a long time ago; the rate rose too quickly, he says.

Trump also goes on to say that the quantitative tightening was quite ridiculous. But despite this, the American economy is doing incredible. He takes the example of Germany, where there are no interest rates. Trump thinks that it would be of great help if the Fed would make a substantial cut in the already high rate of interest. He is also looking for various tax reduction solutions.

Another reporter asked President Trump if he would like to strengthen American military forces in Romania. To this, Trump states that it is one of the topics that will be discussed with President Iohannis in the meeting.

Another reporter asked the American President whether he would like to bring in Putin at the G7 and convert it into G8 once again, to which Trump says that a lot of talks has been going on about Russia. According to Trump, Obama wanted Russia out because Putin outsmarted him on several occasions.

However, Trump feels that it is appropriate to have Russia in the circle and change G7 into G8 once again. He would be in favor of this motion.

A reporter asked Trump about the status of the trade deal that the President wishes to finalise with Boris Johnson at the G7 summit. Trump replies that he has had a word with Boris Johnson and feels that he will be a great Prime Minister. Trump admits that dealing with the European is very difficult, especially since they are represented by Jean-Claude, who is a tough negotiator. While Trump has all the cards on his end, he wishes to talk to the European nation and work on a deal that will benefit both parties.

Trump was asked by a reporter about his position on enhanced background checks, especially after El Paso and Dayton, after which the President was fully in support of enhanced measures. Trump replies that strong background checks are being performed. However, it is a mental problem and people that pull the trigger are sick people and the main root of the problem. Trump is also looking into mental institutions.

A reporter then asked Trump’s stand on foreign aid cut package, to which he says that his administration is currently looking into it in different ways. There are a lot of things on the table and Trump promises to let the press know in about a week.

A reporter says that Trump’s trade war with China has been claimed to not affect the US economy; however, a lot of economists are disagreeing to the fact and state that if China goes into recession, US will also be pulled down under. Trump replies that the US is doing quite well as an economy, but someone had to take China on. China has been ripping the US for more than 25 years and Trump decided to take this step because America could not continue to pay the country $500 billion, apart from intellectual data, each year due to incompetent leaders. Trump says that somebody had to do something about China.

According to Trump, China has lost two million jobs since its companies and people are moving to countries that are non-tariffed. In the future, they might lose out on more jobs. If Donald Trump did not help certain companies like Apple, there would have been a gigantic problem.

Among many other questions, the last reporter asked Trump that the Taliban are taking to the US, but not to the Afghan government; he wanted to know Trump’s views if the US would go to the aid of the Afghan government if Taliban takes a more hostile route. Trump states that the Taliban does not respect the Afghan government and the US has been acting as a peacekeeper for more than 19 years. But at some point in time, even Trump would decide that it would be long enough.

After some time, Trump finishes the press conference and thanks everyone present.

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