President Trump holds rally in Cincinnati, OH, 8/1/19

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President Trump is rallying his supporters in Cincinnati, Ohio, as he looks to rev up his base. The Buckeye State is key to Mr. Trump’s reelection, and the president’s campaign knows it. The rally is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET.

After Mike Pence concludes his speech, Trump comes up on stage and starts by saying that he watched the debate telecasted the previous night, to which the crowd gave off a negative response. Today, the Democrats are attacking Barack Obama more than they were attacking Trump himself. It was everything that the ‘fake’ news was talking about.

Donald Trump is happy to be back in Ohio and the home of hard-working American citizens. Trump says that his administration won by a lot and America is stronger than it ever was. The nation has the best economy in the history of the country and rebuilding the American military. The spirit of America is strong and Trump will put the nation first.

Currently, Ohio has been the most successful it has ever been in the history of the US. He thanks Mike Pence for his great job. Unemployment is also at its lowest and unemployment among Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and African-Americans have reached the lowest rates.

Donald Trump slams the Democrats by saying that its record is one of decay, corruption, and neglect. They have regulated and taxed jobs and opportunities out of cities and squeezed every ounce of blood and sweat out of them. The left-wing city councils and mayors have opposed school choices and trapped children in government schools.

Trump thanks the country of Mexico and states that the nation has done more for America than the Democrats. The Democrats care more about illegal immigrants more than their own constituents. He says that the condition of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco is irredeemable and deplorable, the exact two words used by Hillary as well.

Trump says that what the Democrats have done to the stunning cities like California, San Francisco, etc. is a shame. He says that the governor will invite the whole world to California and force the locals to pay for everything. Trump proposes the Democrat leaders to support the legislation and end the subject of illegal migration and the government savings will be sued to rebuild the inner cities.

On the other hand, Trump’s Republican administration believes that a country needs to take care of its citizens first. He has pledged to the nation’s workers to secure and train more than 12 million American citizens for jobs of tomorrow. Trump also stated that his administration was able to pass the criminal justice reform that no other was able to pass previously.

Donald Trump has also established more than 300 opportunity zones in Ohio alone, which are working according to his plans. More than 8 million Americans of the African descent live in these zones, but every Democrat is against them. Trump’s administration has achieved much more in the first two-and-a-half years than any other administration. He also thanks Keith Faber, the auditor of Ohio and the man responsible for companies flowing in.

Donald Trump’s administration has also appointed 148 federal judges and winning a lot of cases. He offers his thanks to Rob Portman and Mitch McConnell. The agenda of the Republican is 100% pro-American, pro-growth, pro-family, pro-jobs, and pro-workers. A lot of job-killing regulations have been eliminated as well. The previous administration also tried to shut down American energy because they like windmills that lower the value of houses nearby.

Thanks to the efforts of Trump, America is the largest energy producer in the world today. Coat exports went up by 92%, as compared to 2016. More than 110,000 new mining jobs have been created. Additionally, the US is also one of the top oil-producing countries today. Trump is also reversing calamitous trade policies that devastated communities across America, plundered the factories, and pillaged the jobs.

Donald Trump also killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP, that would have ruined the automobile industry of America. The USMCA is also an incredible deal that worked out for the nation. Trump urges the people to remember the lies by the previous administration. With the help of his wife, the first lady Melania, Trump was able to approve the Right to Try. With the help of Ohio Senator, Rob Portman, Trump could take stern and bold action to confront the epidemic of opioid. Overall deaths by drug overdose in the state went down by 22%.

Right now, America has won the race to the moon and is now planning to win the race to Mars. Trump plans on building a great strategic offense and defense from space itself; Mike Pence is doing a great job at that. Trump also withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal, where Iran received $1.8 billion cash.

Trump concluded his speech by stating that America has great potential to be one of the greatest countries today. The stock market has also never been higher. With the help of the people, Trump promises to build a lawful, fair, modern, and safe system of immigration.

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