President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s press conference before his departure at the White House on August 30, 2019. He starts by mentioning the hurricane. Donald Trump says Florida seems to be the main target at this moment. He adds that FEMA is there. Trump informs that on Sunday, at 12:30, they have a meeting at FEMA headquarters.

Donald Trump exclaims that the stock market is doing well and the economy is doing great. A reporter asks Trump if he will be talking to President Xi this weekend. He answers that they are speaking to China. On Ukraine, Trump says that he was going to meet with their new President. He adds that because of the massive hurricane, he had to cancel his trip to Poland where he was going to meet the President of Ukraine, among many other things.

Another reporter asks Trump whether the tariffs that he is planning for China are still on for Sunday. He says that they are on. He states that they have taken in billions and billions of dollars from those tariffs. He mentions that they are having conversations with China and meetings are scheduled.

A reporter asks Trump for his message to the protestors in Hong Kong. He says that they all want liberty and freedom. He says that his message for them is they have a very strong point of view. He adds that he hopes that it’s handled in a very humane way. On Afghanistan, Trump says that they are bringing down their American soldiers to about 8,600 in Afghanistan. He says that they are getting along very well with a lot of people in Afghanistan right now. He adds that they have very good negotiations going on with the Taliban.

Another reporter asks Trump whether he would actually like to see negative interest rates in the United States. He says that the Fed is making a big mistake. He says that the Fed is making it very hard to compete. He exclaims that if their Fed lowered the rate, he thinks that their stock market would be like a rocket ship.

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