President Trump Delivers Remarks at the American Veterans 75th National Convention

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Donald Trump begins by thanking Commander Riley and everyone present at the conference. He is thrilled to be among America’s toughest and proudest patriots – the veterans of AMVETS. Trump thanks the veterans for fighting courageously for the country and promises that his administration is now fighting for them. Trump wants to get done with the Veterans Choice as soon as possible so that the veterans do not have to wait to see a private doctor.

Trump states that he has spent over seven billion dollars to rebuild the military and promises that it will be much stronger than ever before. He then moves forward to thank National Commander Rege Riley, and National First Vice Commander retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Jan Brown. He also congratulates all the recipients of the Silver Helmet Awards.

Donald Trump moves to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day, which took place on June 6, 1944, when American patriots stormed through the beaches of Normandy and charged towards the firing of the guns to make sure that liberty and freedom prevails. Trump also says that the day also marks the 75th anniversary of the organization that has been taking care of veterans upon their return. He thanks the AMVETS for their lifelong service, loyalty, and love.

Trump says that the AMVETS are the symbols of the enduring power of the American spirit. They safeguard the American values and makes sure that the traditions are passed on by teaching the generations to love the country, honor the heroes, and respect the American flag. Trump will no longer sacrifice America’s interest to any other foreign power and will put the country first; he wants to make America great again!

Donald Trump states that the country has made tremendous progress. The ISIS has been neutralized by the American army and defeated the caliphate in Syria. America withdrew from the horrible Iran nuclear deal and bought home the war heroes from North Korea. Donald Trump speaks about the latest equipment made on American soil like missiles, planes, ships, etc., which is also increasing the employment status in the country. Soon, American troops will own powerful Abrams tanks, F-35s, F-18s, etc. Trump also mentions about the Space Force, a task force based in space.

The President promises to deliver the highest pay raise to all the military personals and promises that America will become the best-trained, best-equipped, and most technologically-advanced army in the world.

Donald Trump says that his administration is now working to fix years of neglect of the previous administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs and states that he will never abandon the heroes in their hour of need.

Today, Trump’s administration has managed to secure $8.6 billion for mental health services. He states that the conditions of the care of veterans are being improved. The VA is providing same-day emergency mental health care to every patient.

With this, Trump unveils the PREVENTS Initiative, a task force that has been initialized to unify the efforts made by non-profit groups, businesses, and the government to build communities that will truly protect, support and serve the veterans. He is also building upon proven strategies like the AMVETS HEAL, which is a partnership with the VA to serve over 600 families in crisis. Trump has also expanded the GI Bill so that the veterans can make use of their benefits to get an education at any point of time in their lifelines, which will offer more job opportunities in their careers.

With this, Donald Trump signs the memorandum that directs the Department of Education to eliminate all the federal student loans that are owed by the veterans who are permanently or completely disabled. This action will wipe off more than $30,000 that is owed by more than 25,000 disabled veterans. Trump thanks the American veterans and the people present before ending his speech.

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