President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s speech at the White House, Washington before Marine One departure on August 9, 2019. President Trump starts by saying that they are doing well with China. He adds that they are not ready to make a deal, but they will see what happens. He informs that they called them on manipulation and they brought their numbers back. He says that that’s called ‘monetary manipulation’.

Donald Trump states that they had a big day in the stock market yesterday. He says that China is paying by depressing their currency and pouring tremendous amounts of money into their system. He remarks that they are taking in billions and billions of dollars. He states that China has had their worst year in 35 years now.

A reporter points out to Trump that the NRA has been a strong supporter and ally of his, going all the way back to the campaign. He then asks him can he take a position at odds with the NRA on background checks. Trump says that he thinks he could, but he does think he will be there. He says that he has a great relationship with the NRA. He adds that they have tremendous support for really commonsense, sensible, and important background checks.

Another reporter asks Trump why was not there a better plan in place to deal with the migrant children in Mississippi. He further asks why there was family separation. Donald Trump retorts that the reason is that they have to go in, they cannot let anybody know. He further states that Mexico has done a fantastic job, where their 26,000 soldiers are there on the border. He says that he wants people to know that if they come into the United States illegally, they are getting out and they are going to be brought out.

A reporter asks if black Americans will give Trump another chance in 2020. Donald Trump states that it’s really amazing because African American unemployment just came out very recently, the lowest in history. Another reporter asks President Trump whether he is planning to invite Volodymyr Zelensky to the White House. Trump says that Zelensky is going to make a deal with President Putin and he will be invited to the White House.

One reporter asks Trump if the Trump administration will devalue the U.S. dollar. Trump remarks that no, they do not have to as they have such a strong dollar. He says that the problem is, their dollar is at a level that makes it hard. He adds that they lowered the interest rate by the Federal Reserve, which would automatically bring down the dollar a little bit, and it would make it easier for Caterpillar and other companies.

Another reporter asks Trump if he is thinking of canceling the trade talks next month with China. President Trump says that China wants to settle this deal. He adds that they would like to make a deal but he is not ready to make a deal. Trump says that right now, the talks are scheduled in September. A reporter asks whether he would like to expand South Korea and Japan Military Information Agreement. Trump remarks that South Korea and Japan start getting along with each other. He adds that they have got to get along because it puts them in a very bad position.

On Huawei, Donald Trump states that they are not going to do business with Huawei. A reporter asks if Trump is considering moving troops from Germany to Poland. President Trump answers that Poland has been a great friend of theirs. He says that they have offered to build a military base at the cost of many billions of dollars. One reporter asks him if he supports the Toomey-Manchin bill or the House bill. Trump says that they are looking at Toomey-Manchin.

A reporter asks Trump if he is worried about global markets pulling back at all. Trump retorts that the global markets are not as good as their market. He ends the interview by answering the question on background checks. He says that meaningful background checks are a real positive.

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