Trump delivers remarks at Jamestown anniversary ceremony, 7/30/19

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President Trump delivers remarks at the 400th Anniversary of the First Representative Legislative Assembly in Jamestown, Virginia.

Donald Trump is happy to be back in Virginia and states that it is his great honour to address the joint session of the oldest lawmaking body in the Western Hemisphere. Trump says that on this day 400 years ago, the first representative legislative assembly was convened and it flourished throughout the ages. He thanks the governor of Virginia to inviting him over to speak, alongside several distinguished officials and guests across the Commonwealth.

In 1619, 22 newly-elected members of the House of Burgesses assembled to erect a cross upon the shore and thank the gods for their great undertaking; these men were clergymen, scholars, soldiers, farmers and planters, and adventurers. In the coming few months and years, the dangers were unparalleled.

The third winter, which was also known as the Starving Time, 440 out of 500 settlers could not survive. Those who remained left Jamestown and sailed away, never to return. But as they were journeying down the James River, they saw supplies-laden ships and approximately 300 new settlers. On this topic, Trump says that it will not be the last time Virginia is touched by God’s grace. He says that the characters of modern Americans originated at this point – hard-working, courageous, and self-reliant.

The settlers experimented with and produced Virginia wines (the very first), tobacco, corn, and silk. Trump states that the Virginians survived and succeeded where others typically perished. They endured, under the leadership of Captain John Smith, the help of the Powhatan Indians, and the sweat of their hard work.

It was also during this time that local Virginians were allowed to own land privately. They also created the basic judicial system. Finally, the colonists could elect their representatives with the help of votes. Trump thanks Sir David Natzler in tribute to that English legal inheritance.

On this day, Donald Trump wants to remember and pay tribute to the people who suffered the horrors of bondage and slavery. He states that more than 150 years of America’s founding, the immortal truth of the Declaration of Independence that ‘all men are created equal’ was recognized. Additionally, 85 years after the document was signed, slavery was abolished.

While speaking, a random person, identified as Ibraheem Samirah, stood out from the audience shouted that the President cannot send them back and Virginia is their home. This lead to the crowd booing and chanting ‘Trump’. The person was accompanied outside by the security.

Donald Trump made no response and continues with his speech. He says that the patriots fought a long war of independence, where countless have died to defend the nation’s security. The citizen of America must defend those democratic traditions. In the future, Trump wants to plant the American flag on the surface of Mars. This is why he has returned to the place that declared to the world that the USA was just getting started at the Commonwealth of Virginia. Trump thanks everyone and concludes his speech.

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