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This video is about President Trump’s speech that he gave on the 11th of July, 2019,  on the fake news that is often circulated about him and his administration. He begins by extending a note of welcome to the people present and mentions that escalation of stocks in the stock market where people are getting more profits. He then moves straight to the journalists and media and says that they should be delivering the real news to the people.

He introduces some of his secretaries and the great work they are doing. He expresses his disappointment at some courts that do not support his policies regarding citizenship of America. Trump calls one of his secretaries Josh, on stage who talks about media transparency and how Facebook, Twitter, and Google need to follow that. Trump talks about the going down of his followers on Twitter and how he is very surprised about this sudden occurrence.

Picking up on the little mistakes in speeches or press releases that President does is soon picked up by big media houses like Fox and CNN but they do not show important decisions or policies that Trump takes. He then thanks the exceptions in media who strive to show the reality to the people. What the Trump administration is doing has to be given credit to, says Trump.

The basic rights of the people of America will be protected at all costs. Jobs are going up and have never been in a better position in history. The US military is going strong with homegrown military equipment, after the Trump administration took over. All sort of discrimination among candidates needs to be removed says Trump. He says that a few years ago everyone was in support of a wall but now everyone seems to oppose it since Trump has taken it up as his agenda.

Fair treatment needs to be there on media online, says Trump. He speaks of Chinese conspiracy where there target farmers to go against him. He says that former administrations have allowed billions of dollars to be taken from America and given to China. He says that the GDP rate is going pretty high now and his party will work more on it. Trump says that even the Chinese admit the brilliant people Silicon Valley has but they need to use it better.

Any kind of bias on behalf of the media and reporters will not be tolerated by Trump and his administration. In connection to this, a tool has recently been created in the White House which will report discrimination and censorship bias on the part of the media. Trump signs off by saying that he will do everything on his part to protect free speech and make sure that the accountability and transparency in the media are improved.

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