SALUTE TO AMERICA: President Trump HISTORIC Lincoln Memorial speech

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President Trump’s dream of a celebration showing off America’s military capabilities will become a reality on Thursday, as the president confirmed tanks will play a role in Washington, D.C.’s Fourth of July festivities — and the vehicles were seen being hauled in on a freight train.

This video is about the speech that President Trump gave on the 4th of July, 2019. He starts with wishing the country a ‘Happy Independence Day’. After extending a note of welcome and greetings to all present there, Trump stresses the importance of the 4th of July and recalls the glorious history that the nation of America has had.

Trump quotes Thomas Jefferson to emphasize the fact that all people are created equal. He talks about how the nations of America came into being formally, with the signatures of 56 people on a parchment paper. From thereon, the nation has developed tremendously to be one of the most powerful countries in the world today, says Trump with pride.

The President commemorates the sacrifice of the patriots who were in the Continental Army which had its commander as George Washington. He recalls the struggle that happened when the British invaded America through the sea route near New York harbor.He speaks in a detailed manner about the sense of freedom America has as a nation due to their history of the struggle for independence.

The abolishment of slavery, seeking out new frontiers, made Abraham Lincoln redefine the constitution which will be dedicated for the people and will be run by the people. He talks about all the famous discoveries that Americans have done and contributed to the world. The possibility of America’s arrival on Mars is going to happen soon, says the President.

All the designing wonders, advancements in medicine, and art in the US history were praised by Trump. From the suffrage movement to all the wars that America has won has led the nation to where it stands now. Trump praises all the people in all walks of life, who have given so much and sacrificed a lot for the nation. He finishes off by saying that this unifying spirit of the Americans is what will keep the country growing and it is very powerful at the present more than it ever was.

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