President Trump photo opportunity commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, 7/19/19

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President Trump and The First Lady participate in a photo opportunity commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing

Donald Trump commences the session by stating that it will be 50 years since America planted its flag on the moon. Additionally, Trump wants to go a lot further than only the moon; he wants America to step on Mars. Trump aims that he will be doing this with the help of the Space Force.

Trump acknowledges the presence of Jim Bridenstine, the head of NASA, and expresses his thankfulness to him for surpassing all the expectations that he and Mike Pence had from NASA. Rockets are going up and Trump would not mind leasing some to Russia or other countries to send people up. He also adds that space is very important for the defense and offense of a country.

He turns to Bridenstine and asks him if it is a possibility to go to Mars directly without having to land on the moon. Bridenstine states that the moon will be used as a proving ground, since going to Mars will take some time and everybody needs to learn how to work or live in another world. Donald Trump asks how long it will take to reach Mars, to which Bridenstine replies seven months.

Bridenstine also says that the resources of another world need to be used to live there for long periods. He used the moon as an example, stating that millions of tons of water ice were discovered in 2009, which can be used as water to drink and air to breath. Alternatively, the water ice can also be used as fuel to power space shuttles.

Bridenstine says that it is a market where commercial bodies that makes use of the local resources for staying on the moon or could be used for tourism. Once people learn how to use the resources on the moon, it will open up America’s opportunity to conquer Mars as well. Bridenstine wants to launch a space station, Gateway, around the moon’s orbit.

Donald Trump then calls in Mike Pence, Vice President, and asks him to evaluate Jim’s performance. Mike Pence states that Jim has done a phenomenal job at placing Trump’s vision of reviving American leadership in space exploration. Mike also thanks Donald Trump for reviving the National Space Council and his plans for launching the Space Force for defending the American borders from space.

Donald Trump turns back to Bridenstine and asks him about how much of his work is privately-funded and how much is funded by the government. Bridenstine replies that the International Space Station is being resupplied commercially by commercial providers who have invested their own money since they were looking for business and markets. He states that it is a public-private partnership.

Bridenstine says that several providers are competing against each other on innovation and cost. With the help of this competition, prices will go down and access will go up. The ultimate goal is to offer access to more people than ever before.

Trump was asked a couple of questions after the session. One of them was his views on the fact that Iran has denied that Trump shot down a drone. Trump says that he did shoot down the drone and Ambassador Bolton continued to state that it was an Iranian drone that posed a threat to the ship and the crew.

Another question asked to Trump was whether he was concerned about the border clash with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. Trump says that he is not worried at all since American has the best army and equipment in the world and hopes that ‘they’ do not do anything foolish for their sake. A reporter also asked about the $AP Rocky case, to which Trump maintained that the leadership of Sweden will be calling about it soon. He also says that there is a tremendous amount of support from the African- American community in the country.

Donald Trump then ends the conference and thanks everyone for being present.


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