President Trump Hosts a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan

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The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the White House on July 22, 2019. Trump starts by saying that it’s his great honor to have the very popular Prime Minister of Pakistan. He says that they have many things to discuss: military, terrorism, and trade. He adds that they want to talk about polio, or the possible polio vaccine.

Trump remarks that they should be doing tremendous business together. After this, Imran Khan says that the United States is vital for Pakistan. He says that they have links which have gone back since Pakistan became independent. He recalls that they have been fighting wars together from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to the War on Terror. A reporter asks Imran Khan about his plans to foresight about the Pak-U.S. relationship. To this, Trump says that they will be talking about India and Afghanistan.

Donald Trump says that they have reduced their number of troops in Afghanistan quite a bit. He adds that they are working with Pakistan and others on getting an agreement signed. Another reporter asks Trump that the Washington Post’s report saying Huawei had a relationship with North Korea to build their commercial wireless network. Trump answers that he knows all about Huawei and 5G. He says that they are going to have the best 5G in the world. He remarks that their Silicon Valley cannot be compared with.

A reporter asks Trump that the Pakistan economy is facing great trouble at this time and whether he is going to restore any package for Pakistan. Donald Trump answers that they were paying $1.3 billion to Pakistan as aid, for many years, where Pakistan was not doing anything for them. He says that they are working out things that are very, very important. On the Mueller report, Trump says that they had a total “no collusion” finding.

President Trump says that they have the highest stock market. He says he believes that Thursday of last week, they hit the all-time highest in the history of their country. He states that unemployment is the lowest in 51 years, where Black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment rates were the lowest in history. He adds that they have done the biggest tax cuts and regulation cuts in history.

Another reporter asks Trump about the debt deal. He says that they are talking about it. He adds that they are doing pretty well on their budget. He says that they take care of their military. He states that they had $700 billion, then $716 billion, and this year, they are going to be asking for a number slightly larger than that. On the role for India and Afghanistan, Imran Khan answers that this is the closest they have been to a peace deal in Afghanistan.

Imran Khan continues by saying that there is no military solution in Afghanistan. He adds that they hope that in the coming days they will be able to urge the Taliban to speak to the Afghan government come to a settlement. On Iran, Trump says that he has been watching a lot of reports. He adds that they have tremendous problems economically.

A reporter asks Trump whether he has seen any footage, where protesters in Hong Kong are being beaten by gangs. He retorts that he thinks President Xi will do the right thing. Another reporter asks Imran about his strategy for the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan and assurances to the U.S. Imran answers that there was no military solution but a political settlement at the end. He states that they have experienced 70,000 Pakistani casualties and over $150 billion lost to the economy and so they desperately want peace.

On the issue of Kashmir, Trump remarks that if he wants him to mediate, he would be willing to do that. Lastly, the reporter asks Trump about Puerto Rico. Trump answers that the people of Puerto Rico like him but their leadership is corrupt and incompetent.

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