President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

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The White House

This video is about President Trump’s press conference before his departure to Camp David on June 22, 2019. He informs that they are heading out right now to Camp David. He says that the stock market is on pace to have its best year over 50 years. He remarks that the Dow is on pace to have its best year in 80 years.

A reporter asks Trump that if he still believes that Iran’s targeting of a U.S. drone could have been unintentional. Trump retorts that it was probably intentional. He adds that they want to be proportionate. On the ICE raid reports, Trump says that these are people that came into the country illegally. He adds that they will be removed from the country.

Another reporter asks Trump about his next steps for Iran. He says that they will see what’s with Iran. He says that they are moving forward with additional sanctions on Iran. He remarks that if the leadership of Iran behaves badly, then it’s going to be a very bad day for them.

On a meeting with E. Jean Caroll, Trump says that he has no idea who that woman is. He adds that this woman has also accused other men of things. He says that it is a totally false accusation. He remarks that there were numerous cases where women were paid money to say bad things about him.

A reporter asks if the deportation raids will start tomorrow even if the cities do not comply. Donald Trump says that the deportation raids are really a very good law enforcement people going by the law, rules, and their court system. He remarks that they will be taking people out of their country who came into their country illegally.

Donald Trump says that they are very focused on getting MS-13 out of this country. Another reporter asks President Trump if he will talk about Iran at Camp David. Trump says that he will be talking about Iran and they have a series of meetings and well-connected phone calls.

President Trump says that Iran is an economic mess and they are going through hell. He adds that the sanctions have hit them hard and more sanctions are going to be put on. Another reporter asks him is it accurate to say that his national security team brought him a plan for a planned strike and it didn’t have a fully formed estimate on causalities. Trump says that no, they have brought him a great plan.

Donald Trump says that he wanted to know an accurate account, where they gave him very odd numbers. He adds that he wanted an accurate count as to how many Iranians would be killed. He concludes by saying that the military action on Iran is on the table until they get this solved. He says that they have a tremendously powerful military force in that area.

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