President Trump Delivers Remarks to United States Service Members

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Osan Air Base, Korea


This video is about President Donald Trump’s speech at Osan Air Base in Korea on June 30, 2019. Trump starts his speech by informing that he met with Kim Jong Un and they had a great meeting. He says that he is thrilled to be there that afternoon with the very heroic men and women of the U.S. Air Forces Korea. He remarks that their country never had a better economy than they have right now.

President Donald Trump says that he has no greater honor than to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the greatest fighting force on the face of the Earth, the United States military. He informs that he met with President Moon at the DMZ. He notifies that they had a very productive meeting, where he outlined the incredible prosperity that awaits North Korea when this whole thing gets settled.

Donald Trump says that they have to work hard. He exclaims that a lot of things could have been done over the years and they were not done and they are getting them done. He says that that afternoon, they are delighted to be joined by hundreds of brave airmen and women from the United States Air Force. He adds that among them are members of the 8th Fighter Wing, the 51st Fighter Wing, and the 7th Air Force. He informs that many soldiers there today just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the 8th Army.

Trump says that they live by the famous U.S. Forces Korea motto: “We Go Together.” He says that many of their soldiers have today also with the 2nd Infantry Division/Republic of Korea U.S. Combined Division, the only forward-based army division integrated with Allied troops. He adds that this past April, soldiers from this division mobilized to fight wildfires northeast of Seoul.

President Trump remarks in the summer of 2018, this air-based hosted the United Nations Command repatriation of fallen service members from the Korean War. He states that in Syria, they took 100 percent of the caliphate. He exclaims that no matter where danger lurks, they are always “Ready to Fight Tonight.”

Trump says that under his administration, they have made historic investments in their military with 700 billion dollars and this year, $716 billion. He adds that they are also investing billions of dollars in upgrades to their missile defense system. He says that they are totally revamping and improving an, in some cases, getting brand new nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump announces that when he returns home to the White House, he will celebrate Independence Day with a special “Salute to America” on their National Mall, July 4th. He ends with “To every patriot who proudly serves under the red, white, and blue: God bless you, God bless our military, and God bless America.”


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