President Trump: 30 Hours l Interview with George Stephanopoulos, 6/16/2019

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Trump on polls showing Biden ahead: ‘I don’t believe those polls’

During the first day of ABC News’ 30-hour embed, Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that “there’s no way [Joe Biden] beats me in Texas… my polls show that I’m winning everywhere.”




Over the span of two days, George Stephanopoulos spent over 30 hours with President Donald Trump, right from flying in Air Force One to Iowa and traveling in the President’s armored vehicle named The Beast to sitting down for a one-on-one interview.

George Stephanopoulos started off his interview with the President inside The Beast. Stephanopoulos asks Trump about what he hopes to accomplish for the voters between now and the 2020 elections. Trump talked about passing health care legislation and called Obamacare a disaster. He says that his administration has made health care much more serviceable and accessible. Trump went on to state that his new health care plan will be released a bit before the elections.

George Stephanopoulos then asked Donald Trump about the tariffs. Trump says the tariffs are what allow America to make great trade deals. Trump also does not mind imposing Chinese tariffs because they mean a tremendous amount of money.

Stephanopoulos also expressed that the people wished the President would cut back on the tweets. Trumps say the press has been very unfair and wants to make use of social media to get his word out to the people. It is just his way of communicating. Trump also claimed that his press coverage was worse than of any other president and then accepted that maybe Abraham Lincoln, who ran the country through Civil War and was then assassinated, has the poorest press coverage.

Stephanopoulos then asked about Trump’s pitch to the swing voter on the fence. Trump says great economy, security, and safety. Trump states that he did phenomenally well with women, even though it was what Hillary Clinton turned her focus on. He also did tremendously well with the Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans because of the lowest unemployment numbers.

Trump also did not stop fro gaslighting about the Mueller report and says that there is no collusion, to which Stephanopoulos says that that is not Mueller has said. Overall, Trump discussed his achievements like the economy being fantastic, the biggest regulation cuts, etc.

Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, coughed when Trump was talking to George Stephanopoulos about his financial statements that the congressional Democrats are after. Trump was not pleased with all and requested Stephanopoulos for a do-over. Further down the interview, Stephanopoulos asks about the many conspiracy theories put together by Hillary Clinton, Paul Manafort, etc., to which Trump had an easy answer to each one of the questions. One, for instance, was when Trump was pushing the Obama-era FBI to throw the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton. Trump agrees that the top FBI officials leaked words about his campaign’s contacts in Russia being an investigation and would prove to be fatal to his presidential run.

Trump also says that he is getting along with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, to which George Stephanopoulos asks if North Korea is still trying to build a nuclear arsenal. Trump hopes that they are not and states that Kim Jong Un is a very smart person. At one point, Trump became very frustrated at George Stephanopoulos’s push to the Mueller report and refers to him as a ‘little wise guy’. Lastly, Stephanopoulos thanks Donald Trump for his time.


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