Trump denies having a temper tantrum in meeting with Pelosi, Schumer

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President Trump responds to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call for an intervention during U.S. farmers’ visit to the White House.

President Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that all people present at the venue have come to support the American farmers. He expresses his thanks to a few people who have joined him.

Trump says that until 2016, the United States lost more than 60,000 factories and millions of jobs. China imposed massive barriers to American farm products and America racked up nearly $4 trillion in trade deficits in goods with China during those years.

In order to remedy all the injustice done to America over the years, Trump is taking swift action, particularly with the farmers. He will ensure that Farmers in the US get the relief they need very quickly. Therefore, he has directed Secretary Perdue to provide $ 16 billion in assistance to America’s farmers and ranchers. He adds that all of this money comes from China in the form of tariffs.

Trump states that he will see President Xi at the G20 summit in the coming days. A lot of companies are moving out of China because of the tax. They are planning to move back to the United States and other nations with no tariffs. This is why he’s fixing broken trade deals to open up markets for American exports, including the brand new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Trump declares that last week, he made an agreement with Canada and Mexico to lift major tariffs on American agriculture and opened up beef exports with Japan. Plus, he’s also ensuring that ethanol remains a vital part of America’s energy future and he has increased it to E15.

Trump adds that he’s also fighting for rural broadband, improving rural healthcare, and bringing new prosperity to distressed rural communities through Opportunity Zones. Trump asserts that farmers are not asking for anything but just a level playing field, which he will give to them.

Reporters ask various questions from Trump.

The first question is why Trump thinks Pelosi doesn’t understand the USCMA deal. Trump responds that she doesn’t understand it. Both Mexico and Canada have approved the deal and are waiting to get a signal from her. Trump further says that she needs two weeks to get to know the bill on being asked as to how long he will wait for it.

The next question is about Trump’s reaction on Speaker Pelosi saying that she hoped his family would conduct an intervention. Trump replies that she has just lost it. He doesn’t know what she will do with USMCA and she is a mess. Trump claimed that he was very calm in the room yesterday and asked several people present in the meeting yesterday to champion his claim, including Kellyanne Conway, Mercedes Schlapp, Larry Kudlow, Sarah Sanders, and Hogan Gidley.

Trump is asked if he really wants to be impeached as per Nancy Pelosi. Trump answers that nobody wants to be impeached. He is then asked about his reaction on the release of the so-called “American Taliban,” John Walker Lindh. Trump responds that he doesn’t like it at all.

Another question is if supports the disaster relief bill that includes no immigration money. Trump replies that he supports it and that he will take care of the immigration later. He is asked if he would consider sending troops to the Middle East to counter Iran. To this, Trump answers that he would certainly send troops if required.

Another question is if there is anything on which Trump is willing to work with the Democrats. Trump responds that yes, he will work on everything with them. Trump is asked how likely is it that he will get a trade deal with China with so much tension going on between the two countries over trade, Huawei, and technology. Trump replies that there’s a good possibility. If they made a deal, Huawei would possibly be included in some part of the trade deal.

Trump is further asked who all he accuses of treason. Trump answers that he accuses a number of people who have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person. This includes Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Lisa Page.

The last question is, on one hand, Trump says that he doesn’t want a dual track and on the other hand, he wants the USMCA to pass. Trump responds that this is because USMCA is a great deal for America and its farmers and manufacturers.


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