President Trump Participates in the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Presentation Ceremony

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The video starts with Mr. Attorney General attributing the Medal of Valor as the highest and most prestigious award for public safety officials. He thanks the recipients of this award for dedicating their lives to this noble work.

President Donald Trump then takes on the podium. He welcomes everyone to the White House. Trump expresses thanks to a few people who joined the ceremony. He then talks about the heroes who are going to be honored in the ceremony.

Trump tells the stories of certain officers who have put their lives at risk in order to defend the lives of others. This includes Trooper Nicholas Cederberg from Oregon State Police who took 12 bullets and Officer Alan Horujko of the Ohio State University Police whose swift action saved everyone’s life present at the scene. Plus, there are also firefighters Captain Dustin Moore and Andrew Freisner of the Lenexa Fire Department in Kansas who saved the life of a woman and two small children.

Apart from these, Trump also acknowledges eight law enforcement officers from Azusa, California, including Thomas Avila, Manuel Campos, Seth Chapman, Carlos Plascencia, Andrew Rodriguez, Terry Smith, Xavier Torres, and Rocky Wenrick.

Trump also said that in a private ceremony earlier on the same day, he presented the Medal of Valor to the families of two fallen officers who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty, namely Sergeant Verdell Smith and Officer Brent Thompson.

Trump proudly ascertains that every officer, firefighter, and first responder who receives this award embodies the highest ideals of service, sacrifice, courage, and loyalty. He then asks the military aide to come forward and read the citations as he presents these brave recipients with the award.

The military aide then takes the names of people to whom president Trump will give the Medal of Valor. These people include:

  • Senior Trooper Nicholas Cederberg of the Oregon State Police who took brave action to bring a murderer to justice on Christmas night, 2016.
  • University Law Enforcement Officer Alan Horujko of the Ohio State University Police Division who singlehandedly saved the lives of more than a dozen civilians.
  • Fire Captain Dustin Moore and Firefighter Paramedic Andrew Freisner of the Lenexa, Kansas, Fire Department who braved a furious fire and rescued the occupants of a burning apartment building.
  • Retired Lieutenant Xavier Torres, Sergeant Seth Chapman, Retired Sergeant Terry Smith Jr., Sergeant Thomas Avila III, Sergeant Rocky Wenrick, Retired Corporal Andrew Rodriguez Sr., Senior Officer Carlos Plascencia, and Detective Manuel Campos who acted with composure and bravery in the face of life-threatening danger during a mass shooting on Election Day, 2016.

After this, president Trump congratulates everybody who has received this award.


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