President Trump and The First Lady Participate in the Celebration of Military Mothers

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This video is about President Trump and first lady Melania Trump hosting an event at the White House to honor military mothers and spouses.

The video begins with the first lady giving her speech. She says that every day should be a celebration of mothers. As a mother herself, she deeply cares about children. Over the past years, she has talked to doctors, patients, and industry leaders in order to work for kids. Plus, she has visited the military and their families. It’s an honor that these people have come to the event.

Melania Trump adds that the President and she are grateful to these people for what they are doing for America. And, it’s their responsibility to raise their children in the world’s greatest country, that is, the United States of America. She proudly says God bless America and wishes a Happy Mother’s Day. Then, she asks the President to speak a few words.

President Trump wishes everybody a very Happy Mother’s Day. He claims that he’s pleased to be joined by Vice President, Mike Pence and Second Lady, Karen Pence. He starts his speech by appreciating the audience, which includes moms serving America in uniform, mothers of great heroes of America, and moms with spouses who serve in the armed forces. He honors and salutes all these moms for what they are doing for America.

Trump states that one of the greatest challenges of military spouses is to find a meaningful job as they move in support of their active-duty spouse. Owing to this, last year, he took action to increase employment opportunities so that military spouses can pursue their careers and help their families thrive. He also honors moms who raised children that grew up to join the United States Armed Forces.

Trump asserts that he and Mike have worked very hard, which is why now their military is regaining strength like never before. He finishes his speech by expressing his gratitude to military mothers. He wishes everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day and says God bless America.

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