AIR FORCE: President Trump 2019 Commencement Speech

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President Donald Trump starts his speech by thanking Secretary Wilson. He also expresses thanks to three other remarkable former cadets, namely Lieutenant General Jay Silvaria from the class of 1985, General David Goldfein from the class of 1983, and General Terrence O’Shaughnessy from the class of 1986.

Trump expresses his gratefulness to Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, General John Hyten, and Commander of Air Force Space Command, General Jay Raymond. He also says thanks to all the distinguished Air Force faculty, coaches, staff, veterans, and academy graduates.

Trump says that being admitted to the Air Force Academy is a monumental achievement. As their Commander-in-Chief, he absolves and pardons all cadets serving restrictions and confinements.

Trump proudly announces that this class has racked up a list of truly extraordinary achievements. Two graduating cadets, namely James Brahm and Madison Tung, recently received one of the most prestigious awards in all of academia, that is, Rhodes scholarships. On the athletic fields, the Air Force has won 15 conference championships over the last four years. Also, 153 athletes have earned All-American honors. Graduating cadet Nick Ready became the first person from any service academy to win the College Home Run Derby.

Trump then talks about the legendary Val Bourque.

Trump further declares that more than half of the cadets will soon head to pilot training, another 45 will join the Remotely Piloted Aircraft program, and many will become space operators.

Trump says that he’s committed to keeping their military the best trained, best equipped, and most technologically advanced fighting force. Last year, he secured $700 billion and another $716 billion to support warfighters. He bought many aircrafts with this money and raised the pay for everyone in the US military.

Trump states that today, these cadets will inherit a legacy of service and valor handed down through generations. The names of these patriots will go down in Air Force history. He concludes by congratulating a group of amazing cadets and people from the class of 2019.

At the end of the video, the President is presented with class gifts and a class coin as a token of appreciation on behalf of the United States Air Force Academy.


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