Watch Live: Trump Participates In Immigration And Border Security Roundtable | NBC News

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In this video, President Donald Trump starts his speech by saying that the new wall has a great impact. He thanks many people of the Army Corps of Engineers who have worked on the new wall. Then, he says that many people come into America illegally and they must be stopped.

Trump tells that there’s an emergency on their southern border.  But, the military is taking care of this. He also thanks Mexico because, over the last few days, it has done a lot; more than they ever did before. The country is now apprehending thousands of people and bringing them back to their countries, which they’ve not done in the last 30 years.

Trump says that people will see strong results of the wall. Moreover, by the end of next year, they will complete the construction of the wall. Trump asks Lieutenant General Semonite to say a few words on the under construction wall. Semonite first thanks the Corps of Engineers for their work. He says that by the end of December 2020, they will put about 450 miles of the border wall with about $8 billion.

Trump says that it’s very tough to get money from the Democrats still he’s getting it. He thanks a few people involved in building the wall. Then, he asks Gloria Chavez, the Chief Patrol Agent, to say a few words.

Chavez says that there are a lot of people coming through the border illegally and they are not prepared to deal with such a huge amount of people. Moreover, people are coming through the border illegally because they know that they can get a court date later and they will be easily released.

However, with the president’s approval and the help of the Department of Defense, last year they were able to construct the new wall. She tells that owing to the new wall, illegal entries have decreased significantly. Then, Chavez presents a memento to the president for his support in building the border wall. The memento is a piece of the first 30-foot border wall border build in El Centro Sector.

Secretary Nielsen thanks all those people who have contributed towards building the new border wall. Mr. Judd says that walls actually work in decreasing illegal immigration. Trump informs that the previous administrations build a 38-mile wall along the Rio Grande with 36 doors but they never put on the doors. This is why now his administration has to fill up those big holes in the wall.

Margaret Mims, Sheriff of Fresno, California talks about how an uncontrolled and unsecured border affects local communities. She says that without a secure border, transnational gangs, human traffickers, and drug cartels come into the country. She further commends all federal law enforcement partners on their work.

Trump says that Mexico is doing a fantastic thing by stopping illegal migrants at the southern border. And, if they don’t do this, then he will have to close the border.

Watch commander Remenar says that the border wall has resulted in a significant decrease in illegal entries, assaults, and uses of force. He supports the border wall and talks about less effective border fences with outdated infrastructure.

Special agent Shaw talks about how their resources and spaces have been exhausted in keeping illegal migrants. Shaw says that outdated laws must be amended in order to deter illegal immigration. Trump says that as part of a trade deal with China, China will not send fentanyl into America and will criminalize it.

Supervisor Gonzalez says that people come into America from Central America. A lot of agents have been employed to keep a check on this but they need more agents and resources. Commissioner Mcaleenan says that they should work on improving the laws. Chief patrol agent, Chavez, thanks three individuals in the audience.

Trump concludes the meeting by thanking everybody. He then leaves for seeing the wall.

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