Trump reacts to redacted Mueller report at Wounded Warrior event

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While delivering remarks at an event for wounded veterans, U.S. President Donald reacted to the release of the redacted Mueller report on Thursday, saying the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election was a “hoax” that “should never happen to another president

Trump starts his speech by saying that he’s thrilled to host the Wounded Warrior Project. He thanks many people present at the venue, including Vice President, Mike Pence and Karen Pence, Acting Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanah, General Counsel of Veterans Affairs, Jim Byrne, Army Vice Chief of Staff General, James McConvill, and two congressmen, Phil Roe and James Baird.

Trump then remarks on the redacted Mueller report by saying that this hoax should never happen to another president. He then welcomes the Wounded Warriors from the Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Marine Corps.

Trump says that now he’s rebuilding America’s military like never before with brand new fighter jets, including F-35 and F-18 fighter jets, and brand new ships of all kinds. He adds that now every American soldier has the best equipment and a new uniform.

Trump announces that tomorrow, the Wounded Warriors will complete the final miles of their over 30-mile Soldier Ride through Maryland and Virginia. He introduces a few Wounded Warriors present at the venue.

One of the wounded warriors is Justin Day, who stepped on an IED while clearing towns in Afghanistan of terrorist fighters. Trump says that Justin’s story, along with many others at the event, is an inspiration to everyone.

Trump also welcomes Lieutenant General Mike Linnington, CEO of the Wounded Warrior Project, and a remarkable Wounded Warrior, Jose Ramos. He expresses his gratitude to all the veterans present there for their patriotic service and selfless sacrifice. He asks Lieutenant General Linnington to say a few words.

General Linnington thanks the president for the work he has done and will continue to do for the military and veteran community. He introduces Jose Ramos. Linnington informs that in 2004, Jose was hit by a rocket while serving as a Marine sniper team member. This gave Jose near-fatal injuries. Luckily, Jose recovered and retired from the military in 2005 and in a few months he ran and completed the New York City Marathon. Linnington asks Ramos to say a few words.

Ramos says that the Soldier Ride is one of the many programs of the Wounded Warrior Project. It played a significant part in his life. It began when a group of friends in New York came up with a crazy idea of riding a bicycle across the country to raise awareness and some money for a young organization doing great work, that is, the Wounded Warrior Project. This idea became a reality when in 2004, Chris Carney rode over 5,000 miles across America. This was the birth of Soldier Ride.

Ramos appreciates the generosity and hospitality of the President for inviting them to the event and reminding them that the nation’s wounded warriors still need support, which is provided by the Wounded Warrior Project.

Lieutenant General Linnington says that Jose Ramos is the epitome of Wounded Warriors. He gives a small memento to the president and the White House staff on behalf of Wounded Warriors. Trump concludes the event by saying thanks to everyone.