Trump signs executive order on campus free speech

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President Trump participates in an Executive Order signing and delivers remarks on “improving free inquiry, transparency, and accountability on campus.”

Donald Trump starts his speech by saying that he’s delighted to welcome young people to the white house. He announces that today’s meeting is about defending students and protecting free speech on college campuses.

Trump says that he’s grateful to be joined by Secretary of Education, namely Betsy DeVos, and Secretary of Health and Human Services, namely Alex Azar. He tells that America’s mission is to prepare students for life in a free society; most of the people are against free speech and the first amendment.

The president of the United States declares that he’s taking the first step towards defending students’ rights in the US. He then calls three students on the stage who tell their stories about how they were stopped to speak their mind on the college campus.

To this, the US president asserts that if a college or university doesn’t allow students to speak, he’ll not give them money. The Federal government provides more than $35 billion in research funding to educational institutions. Moreover, Federal agencies will promote transparency in private schools.

Today’s meeting, the president of America adds, is for free speech and to advance students’ rights agenda. He says he’ll fix student loan debt. Currently, 43 million people are paying for a student loan. Donald Trump will work on this to the best of his abilities.

Trump informs the average student loan of a student is around $35,000, which goes up to $200,000. Moreover, students who take loans don’t have access to critical information. Therefore, he’ll make sure that there is a report on future earnings and loan repayment rates for every program in all schools.

The president of the United States then declares that the order he’s going to bring in will direct the Department of Education to propose a plan. This plan will require colleges and universities to have skin in the game by sharing a portion of the financial risk of the student loan debt.

The US president finishes his speech by announcing that the Trump administration will fight for America’s students. It will look into student loans and see that freedom must prevail on college campuses. He thanks all the people present in the white house.


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