Trump says he’s ready to close border, claims origins of Mueller investigation “treasonous”

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U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to the White House on Tuesday. Trump also discussed a possible Mexico border closure and the Robert Mueller report in which he claims the origins are “treasonous.”

The video starts with Donald Trump, the president of the United States, welcoming NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. This ministerial meeting is held on the 70th anniversary of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) on 4th April in order to confirm the solidarity of the alliance.

In this meeting, the future of NATO, along with the changing security state was discussed. This also included Russia. Trump says that he’s ready to close the borders if he has to. He informs that Mexico has apprehended a lot of people on their southern border.

Trump further claims that Mexico has the strongest immigration laws in the world. On the other hand, America’s system is absolutely maxed out. This is why they need to get rid of chain migration, catch and release, Visa lottery, and their judges.

Trump says this because when somebody crosses the border, they take them to the court, ask their name and other personal information, and then they release them. Trump asserts that for him, security is more important than trade and this is why they have held this meeting. Strong borders will stop hundreds of millions of drugs coming in America.

Trump then talks about the two years of Mueller investigation, wherein over $30 million was spent without any collusion and obstruction. He says that when this investigation is finished, the beginnings or origin of this investigation, as to how it was started, should be looked at.

He says he has total faith on Attorney General William Barr’s decision, who concluded that Mueller’s report “does not exonerate” Trump on obstruction of justice. Trump further states that this investigation has been a total waste of time for the United States. He finishes his speech by saying that some bad people started Mueller investigation. These people have done “treasonous” things against America, though the president didn’t specify who he was talking about.

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