BREAKING | President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at First Step Act Prison Reform Event at White House

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President Trump URGENT Speech at White House First Step Act and Prison Reform Summit

President Trump delivers remarks at the 2019 White House Prison Reform Summit and First Step Act celebration.

In this video, president of the United States, Donald Trump, is at the 2019 Prison Reform Summit and FIRST STEP Act Celebration program. Trump starts his speech by welcoming the Vice President of America, namely Mike Pence.

Trump says that today they have come to celebrate the truly extraordinary achievement of the FIRST STEP Act. According to this legislation, countless current and former prisoners will get a second chance and a new opportunity in life to contribute to their communities, states, and nations.

Trump thanks some of the people involved in this initiative. These include Attorney General William Barr, Secretary Alex Acosta, Ben Carson, Secretary Rick Perry (former Governor of Texas), etc. He also expresses his thanks to many congressmen and congresswomen present at the venue, including Congressman Doug Collins, Josh Gottheimer, and Tom Reed. Additionally, Trumps expresses his gratitude towards many governors present in the summit, including Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, and Phil Bryant, along with many faith and law enforcement leaders present there.

Trump goes on to talk about criminal justice reform in the US. He says that unfair sentencing rules result in a cycle of poverty and crime in America. This is why it’s time to fix America’s broken system now and, thus, improve the lives of numerous Americans.

Trump claims that The FIRST STEP Act serves as a model for criminal justice reform. It also ensures that people in prison are placed closer to their families and home communities so that they can communicate to them whenever required, which will, in turn, ease their return to society. Moreover, this law rolls back provisions of the 1994 Clinton crime law.

Trump then talks about his achievements as of yet as the president of the United States related to this law. He says that in less than 4 months, more than 500 people with unfair sentences have been released from prison and have now started a new life. Many of these newly freed Americans are present on the venue, including Troy Powell, Gregory Allen, Yvonne Fountain, etc.

Trump says that the economy is giving these prisoners a second chance to work again. He proudly announces his accomplishments, which includes the creation of more than 5.3 million jobs since his election.

Additionally, Trump announces that the Second Step Act will ensure successful re-entry and reduce unemployment for Americans with past criminal records. He’ll encourage employers to adopt Second Chance hiring practices. Moreover, his administration supports funding for re-entry programs for both Second Chance Act and Pell Grants pilot program.

Trump concludes his speech by congratulating all the people who have come out of prison and have been successful in their individual lives. He says that they’ll have an incredible future.

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