Trump: I am not happy about border deal that was reached

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President Trump makes remarks on congressional compromise designed to avert a second government shutdown.

The video is about President Donald Trump’s cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, DC on February 12, 2019. On the border deal, President Trump says he is not happy about the deal. He says that they are going to build a strong and beautiful wall, which is not going to let criminals, traffickers, drug dealers, and drugs into their country.

President Trump says that they are not building but finishing the wall. He adds that they are getting a beautiful-looking structure that is also less expensive to build and works much better. Trump remarks that walls were so ugly before with rusted steel and big ugly plates on top.

Donald Trump says that he was not happy at first glance when he saws the wall but thrilled to where they are going. He declares the bottom line that they are building a lot of walls. They are building it in the face of tremendous obstruction and tremendous opposition.

On being asked about the government shutdown, Trump says that they are not going to see a shutdown but if they did have it, it’s a Democrats’ fault. He adds that he is extremely unhappy with what has Democrats given them as they are hurting their country very badly. He declares that they are building a wall with other methods than this. Trump says that their country has a lot of money and they are using a small percentage of that money to build the wall, which they desperately needed.

On the U.S.-China deal, he says that things are going well with China. He declares that China wants to make a deal very badly and he wants a real deal. Donald Trump states that China is the worst performing stock market right now in the world. He adds that China is paying billions per month to the United States. He ends his part by saying that he may consider a national emergency for building the wall.

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