FULL: President Donald Trump Speech to the troops at Elmendorf air force base – Anchorage, Alaska (February 28, 2019)

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President Trump Surprises the Troops in Elmendorf air force base – Anchorage, Alaska (February 28, 2019)

This video shows President Trump addressing the troops at Elmendorf air force base in Anchorage, Alaska. He starts the speech saying that although he has a choice of staying inside the plane and relaxing he wants to commend the good work done by the troops and meet them and show his gratitude. Trump mentions Alaska is a special place and its people are special which is why he had taken the necessary steps to approve the ANWR gas drilling project, which will make it easy to access one of the largest deposits in the world.

Trump mentions that the governor of Alaska appreciates his help in the matter. He then goes on to commend all the men who had done a great job including the airmen, coastal guards, national guards, marines and others who are serving in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Trump mentions that it is a great honor to be at the base and informs the troops gathered that the budget for the military operations have been increased to 700 and later 716 billion and that the amount will increase further. He says he has ordered a huge number of new jets.

Trump mentions that military families are true national treasure and that without their backing, the life of soldiers will not be easy, and asks everyone present to give the families a big round of applause. He then commends the work of the 11th air force, 673 airbase wing commander, paratroopers of 425 airborne brigade combat team, the commander of 176 wing and the air national guard of Alaska  all of whom had done a commendable job serving in safeguarding the last frontier of the country and its first line of defense. He mentions that the military cover is a strong warning to the world that nobody can play with America.

Trump mentions how during his tenure as President he has strengthened the military, improved the economy, reduced unemployment at the African American, Hispanic and Asian demographic and other levels and that the stock market is at its all-time high. He states that he had set many records and was working on several trade deals negotiating with China, Canada, Mexico to name a few but the congress are making any progress difficult. He says that they don’t like him much which is why they are not making it easy. He says that the troops are protecting the country which is doing really well with its good economy and that other countries are envying the economic growth which they find hard to replicate.

He then mentions how the 673 air base wing men had restored the place in an hour in the wake of a 7.0 earthquake and states that he has spent 1.5 trillion dollars in the last couple of years and will do more in future and that the next year 54 brand new F35 fighter jets will be deployed even if they are very expensive. He emphatically states that the country’s goal is to monitor and identify missiles targeting America and that the country is using advanced technology to strengthen its defense. He states that if forced to defend, the country will fight overwhelmingly and once again conveys his gratitude for the service and sacrifice of the troops and ensures that they will have the tools, resources and support needed to defeat the enemies of the country. He salutes everyone at the military base and concludes the speech.


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