President Trump pays a visit to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention while the finger-pointing in D.C. continues over the partial government shutdown.

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This video is about the speech that President Donald Trump delivers at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention in New Orleans. Trump begins by saying that a lot of trade and business is coming into the USA. On the One hundredth Annual Convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Trump mentions the crises regarding security and humanitarian concerns at the southern border.

Trump talks about the problem of human trafficking which is aggravated in America because of the opening in the Southern border. For such reasons Trump says that the wall needs to be built. The problem of mass drugs transfer, including heroin and cocaine will be stopped with the wall. Two hundred and sixty-six thousand illegal immigrants were arrested in the past two years, says Trump.

Trump says that his administration has made the maximum cuts in the regulations of the USA in the history of the country. According to Trump, he has achieved more than he made promises for which includes the veterans. Trump says that in spite of America helping Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, they do not help America back, just like a lot of nations do not. Trump wants the laws to be changed in order to fight against chain migration.

Trump states that there are multiple ranches that run along the border of the USA and Mexico. Major drug trafficking is done through these ranches. Such problems can be held back only by building the wall, says Trump but the Democrats are not ready to fund the building of the wall. The USDA is working hard to help the farmers, states Trump. The government needs to be reopened and the Democrats need to help with that.

The death tax was eliminated by the Trump administration. He says that before his administration the agricultural exports dropped by more than $23 billion. After he assumed office, the number has increased to almost $14 billion after which the Farm bill was passed. This bill covers important concerns of farmers like clinical farm programme, insurance, etc. Broadband has been established in the rural parts of America.

In terms of regulatory cost, the US Department of Agriculture has taken back about $400 million which will be almost be the double the savings this year. Water infrastructure and inland waterways will be revamped with new legislations, says Trump. Unfair deals in trade will be done away with, like in the case with China. The US agricultural trade has suffered at lot in the last years and Trump will not let it happen again. He also talks about replacing NAFTA with a new trade deal.

Canada will have a better deal with wheat farmers of America, says Trump. He says that his administration has secured new ports for America and it is the best farm country now. He finishes off by thanking everyone for being present and he says that the future is extremely bright for the farmers of America.

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